Monthly Archives: March 2011

On The Run

Yup, I sure do like runnin. Okay, well not too much, bust still, it’s become a hobby. I’m not one of those hardcore people you see running outside on a 25 degree day, but I do feel bad if I don’t run for a week. Which is actually the case right now. I run after work and sometimes that just isn’t possible. I really should run and workout in the morning before work but I need to sleep to the last minute possible. That’s just how I roll. But yeah, it’s fun to beat people at the track. It gives you a little extra inspiration, plus a newfound respect for people that are out of your league.

You may have also noticed I was listening to a little Pantera while I ran. I totally need good music for running and working out. I kinda mix it up between metal, jungle and minimal techno. It depends what I’m doing. Obviously I like the harder stuff for working out, or for running in the gym on the boring treadmill. Running outdoors gives you a different feeling, so then I go for lighter stuff, but still epic and driving. I’d like to run out in the country and just listen to the birdies and the wind in the trees, but I live in New York and instead I get the cars and the planes and annoying people talking.

Everything Is Better Outdoors

This week’s Dustinland is based on what I think is a pretty interesting truth: when you do something mundane outside, it suddenly becomes “doing something.” Take reading a book. You read a book on your couch, big deal. But you spend a Saturday afternoon reading a book outside in your backyard, and man, now that’s a good day. I could probably launch into some sort of nature writing thing here but I just did laundry and I don’t feel like it right now. But you get the point: mankind is tied to nature, we like to be outside, it’s special, it’s nice on a nice day, it can make the most lame thing seem fun and cool, blah blah blah trees and birds are nice.

Road trip movie map

Check out this map of famous movie road trips I designed for MTV’s NextMovie blog. I have to say, I have never seen some of these movies, but Smokey & The Bandit sounds fantastic.

Read em and Weep

This week’s Dustinland is usually not a big problem for me since I rarely indulge in a guilty reading pleasure. I really do mostly enjoy non-fiction (but only about cool stuff like people falling off Everest or dudes dying while drilling tunnels or how rough life was back in 1902 on the Bowery) or classics or other “good” books that you read about on Best of the Year lists. But sometimes I get bored and just want to relax into a fantasy world that does not in anyway remind me of my own life, and that’s when I go for some sci-fi. Good sci-fi is really hard to find though. I haven’t read much at all, and just stepping foot in the sci-fi section at Barnes & Noble makes me want to puke. Everything looks like crap a 14-year-old in 1972 would love. So unless you have a really dorky friend who can give you good recommendations, you’re stuck browsing Amazon for lists. And then, once you finally do find a good sci-fi fantasy nerd book, you get what this week’s comic is about: a horrible cover that poorly represents the masterpiece you hold in front of you. Sure, you can tell everyone else about how the book is a classic, a metaphor for the Vietnam war, the book that inspired Stephen King to become a writer… but it doesn’t matter, because you’re holding a paperback with an exploding spaceship on it. The same goes for every genre out there — just replace the exploding spaceship with submarines, slamming gavels, or quivering bosoms.

Hipster comic via Gothamist

Gothamist has a pretty funny photo of a “hipster trap” up today, along with a link to the Theory of Hipster Relativity Dustinland. Check it out yall.


It’s funny, not just regarding this week’s Dustinland, but all my comics, every time I post an entry here, I feel like I’m trying to counter any complaints about my comic that will appear online before they do. Clearly it’s impossible to do that, since there will always be something about my—or anyone’s—work to bitch about, plus most people just check the comic without coming here before they post their nasty comments about how stupid I am.

But anyway, just in case you couldn’t get it from the comic, I do not want to be, nor do I wish others to be rude, inconsiderate assholes who go about their lives doing as they please because they feel no responsibility toward others. This comic was merely pointing out how fun and carefree it would be to not care about anything but only within the confines of a fantasy world where it isn’t necessary to have considerations for an entire world full of people and other lifeforms need to coexist in relative peace and harmony. That’s why the comic ends with me on my own little island.

Not sure what other complaints people will have about this one but there probably won’t be too many since this one has a lot of words which means nobody will read it on the internet. TLDR.

Oh also, Birdy is quoting Nietzsche this week. Seems appropriate.