The World According To An Alcoholic

Yeah, so you know all those things people post that are like this? Okay, this is my version. I saw xckd do one of these a while ago that was more of a political commentary. Mine is pretty stupid and trivial but perhaps funny to some people on the internets. I had this strip lying around for a while as a backup for a week when I was either off on vacation or didn’t have any time and this was just such a week (and you know, when you work all weekend, you kind of start to view the world like it looks in this strip).

*So this comic has appeared on someecards, which I found via their Twitter feed. I appreciate the props but they could have given me a wee bit more credit/linkage. I feel like an AP photographer.

**This baby has legs. Months later, it is now appearing all over the place. On Laughing Squid, Neatorma and I Love Charts.

3 responses to “The World According To An Alcoholic

  1. Funny stuff.

    The only tweak I can suggest (not that you asked) was maybe sneaking a little note into “Boring” Arabia, something like “(sometimes arak).”

    (Arak is a licorice-flavored liqueur native to Arabian countries. It’s like anisette or ouzo, only stronger. OTOH, if you did that somebody might issue a fatwa against you, so maybe just leave it.)

  2. Ha. Well point taken, however I think you (and clearly many others: are making the mistake of thinking this is supposed to be any kind of encyclopedia of the world’s liquor choices created by a savvy lover of international alcohol. Rather, it is supposed to be a map written by a dumbass drunk who looks at the world as through his bloodshot eyes and sees nothing but a bunch of really obvious liquor options.

  3. Forgot my handle

    Wow, those reddit comments are really dumb. First all of it’s a free comic, they didn’t pay for it, and I’d like to see one of them actually draw something “better.” Armchair critics, ugh. Second of all, it’s art and with art, there are liberties and interpretations. It’s not a scientific equation with a “correct” answer. Third of all, it’s supposed to be humorous, again, not scientific. Some f@g wrote something like “Durr, he forgot Napa Valley.” But adding “Napa Valley” wouldn’t be funny in the context of the comic – the world through the eyes of a drunk.

    “Hey drunk, what do you know about Australia?”
    “Uhh… *burp* they drink Foster’s over there, right?”

    “Ok, Smartie, what do you know about Antarctica?”
    “Hmm… I can’t think of any alcoholic beverages from there. *hic* I guess it’s just a big sheet of ice…?”

    The frickin’ drunk wouldn’t say “I like a 2000 Pinot Grigio from Napa, but sometimes the occasion calls for a recent ice wine from Ontario, it’s splendid paired with a fine strudel or peach tart.” Barf.

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