Fresh Hate Mail

I just got some hate mail from what I assume is a college student at Binghamton University. It’s hard to tell if he’s serious or just trying to get some attention. Well anyway, I found it quite entertaining. See for yourself:


I read some of your bird comic. I read pipedream, which often prints dustinland, and so I found myself on your website.

So, I was reading some of your bird comic. You are a motherfucker of a dong-handler. You are actually simple-minded. Do you pay for your bandwith? Goddamn, do you pay for your bandwith? You realize that anyone who appreciates or compliments your work is either sadistic, a product of the rape you endorse, or handicapped? When I say handicapped, I mean severely, and I am not being politically correct. I could repeat that.

Basically man, take a good look around you know? Take a fresh breath of air. Take a step back. Take a break man. Shit and Goddamn.

Thanks for your time,

P.S. Dustinland sucks.

P.P.S. I critique the rape comic not because I am a feminist or whateverthefuck. Just because you draw on something socially controversial to make a joke that is not even remotely funny. Also, censorship? Seriously? I know you spend hours drawing Bird-Dong.

P.P.P.S. Dong-Handler you.

11 responses to “Fresh Hate Mail

  1. Dear Dong-Handler,
    I appreciate AND compliment your work.
    A sadistic, product of the rape you endorse & handicapped.

  2. “I learned a long time ago there’s no sense getting all riled up every time a bunch of idiots give you a hard time.” – Harold and Kumar Goto White Castle

    Ignore the idiot. I am a die-hard fan of Dustinland. Moreover, nobody is forcing on Chris’s browser. If he does not like it, he should simple not visit the site.

    You are doing a great job man (this comment is for the dustinland comic).


  3. Richard A Sellers

    What an idiot.

  4. Yay trolls. Theyre probably really huge closet fans or something, and its easier for them to portray hate and trolling rather than compliment your work.

  5. NotHappyToBeABingo

    Birdy rape = comedy gold. Birdy = always funny. Rock on DHD (dong-handler dustin).

  6. That’s not a very good example of “Birdy rape”. Looks like he’s just having a good time. I’m still laughing.

    P.S. That guy/girl needs to understand sarcasm.

  7. Dustin!

    I’ve been a reader for sometime, and I’ve been reading your site for a while, and I just want to say as a reader that you shouldn’t let that dude get to you!

    Seriously, reading Birdy is a highlight of my week. I love reading about that bird. He’s drawn so cute, but he’s really so edgy!?!

    Keep dong-handling it up!

    From a fellow “Dong-Handler”!

  8. Geez, at least I’m really drunk, even on a Monday, when I go on a rant, but that email was pretty coherent.

    I agree with the commenters above. Oh, and just to add another parapgrased inspirational quote from today’s pop culture, “You don’t get to 2,000 Birdy comics without making a few 30 year old losers mad.” cuz I’m thinking if they read Birdy when they were at Bing, the youngest they could be now is 30, right?

    • total comic nerd

      I meant to say reading Dustinland, not Birdy, at Bing. Birdy wasn’t hatched until later. I think he was known as “Bad Dad” way back then.

  9. Bitches, man.

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