Polar Bear Club

Yup, as this Dustinland says, I took the big plunge and jumped into the freezing cold ocean as part of the 12th annual Long Beach Polar Bear Club Super Bowl Splash. It’s a good time, a good cause, and a good excuse to start drinking before noon. And it’s also Valentine’s Day, so I will leave it at that so I can go enjoy a nice lil homemade dinner and some wine. Oh yeah, you know how I do (don’t say “cheap”).

8 responses to “Polar Bear Club

  1. See any sharks?

  2. Another thing to do when under the influence. Meh. The things silly Long Islanders do to think they’re badass. (you excluded Dustin cuz u just in it fir the drinkin and ur not a LIer thank God). On Feb 5th I dove the Vanenberg wreck – it’s 7 miles off of Key West, in 145 feet of water, 5 ft waves on the surface causing the boat to roll over 40 degrees, and diving against an 8 knot current 20 ft underwater to reach the descent line 100 ft away…. And LIers take a 3 second dip in 3 feet of water then throw a party to celebrate themselves. Pussies. This girl aint impressed. Ok, they throw a couple bucks to sick kids so they don’t totally look like self-congratulatory coddled weak assholes.

    • Oh yeah, there were about 20 Portuguese Man O War on the surface above the wreck, and loads of barracuda down on the wreck. I did two dives on the Vandenberg in these conditions, and have done more dives in similar conditions and never threw myself a party or thought it gave me macho bragging rights. I’m only mentioning it now because I hate long islanders so much and feel the need to put their “accomplishment” in perspective. It’s like playing in a sandbox vs constructing the Burj Dubai… and the one playing in the sandbox gives himself a pat on the back and a t-shirt. Sorry I just really hate long island.

  3. I’d like to see some of those beer-gutted LIers go 7 miles off shire and jump into water 145′ deep. Then I’d buy one of em a beer on me. Domestic, cuz they’re still Long Islanders. Have a nice day.

  4. I hope all those people showered first and didn’t wee in the water.

  5. Sorry, but this seems like a shorter, punchier version of the marathon: an exercise in pointless masochism. (At least marathons keep you in shape, if you don’t count ruining your feet and knees.)

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