Representing Queens, New York

So, with this week’s Dustinland, I’m not trying to be one of those people who are like WHERE I LIVE I THIS BEST PLACE IN THE WORLD!!!!! just because I happen to have been born there. But it is a nice place with some cool stuff, and frankly, I think it’s a little underrated and unappreciated. And I just hate Queens turning into Brooklyn’s kid brother over the last decade or so. You know, they opened up a rooftop farm in Long Island City, Queens, and they named it Brooklyn Grange. Hey assholes, I like that you opened a farm, but your farm is in Queens. Stop fronting.

So yeah, this is the kind of thing that annoys me. Well, a lot of things clearly annoy me but this one is the one I’m talking about right now.

9 responses to “Representing Queens, New York

  1. Wow Queens looks cool, thinking of moving there now


  2. Queens sucks. Manhattan sucks. Brooklyn sucks. Now, Governor’s Island… that place rocks.

  3. I lived in Woodside, on the Sunnyside border. 43rd Ave and 50th Street. I didn’t realize it when I rented, the apartment – I toured it on a Sunday – but it was a block over from a busy firehouse and in between the elevated 7 train and LIRR Woodside Rail Yard. Every 5 seconds, it was either a fire engine siren, the 7 train going past (local or express) or the LIRR trains sounding their horns.

    I felt like I was the only white person in the neighborhood, I didn’t have a problem with other people, but other people wanted nothing to do with me, kinda felt like an outcast. Huge rats running around. Elevator in the building was always broken, and there were weird fumes in the elevator and in my apt – my hair got really thin and every plant I had would die after 2 weeks. And a girl from across the hall and her friends would sit outside my door and draw penises on the tile floor and block my door with themselves, and other junk. One time there was a stack of cardboard boxes outside my door. But still, I do kind of miss it. NY will always be home, and I think NYC has some of the nicest people in the world.

  4. Oh, and, this is off-topic, but I just saw a comic called “No Town.” It started in 2005… which is after Birdy’s inception. I read couple, but they’re not funny or insightful. What a name “No Town.” Doesn’t seem too original.

    This one here makes my brain hurt, I want my 25 seconds backs:

    • I don’t mean to be insulting. Not sure how “tight” the comic community is, I’d feel bad if I just dissed your protege or highly esteemed colleague.

      • Haha – no problem dude. I never saw or heard of that comic. Seems whatever to me. I mean, I don’t like to rag on other people’s comics in public because it is a very hard thing to do well and I respect anyone who tries (well, almost anyone) so yeah… But actually there was a guy who I think ripped off Birdy years ago and actually made millions off of it. Maybe one day I’ll get into it.

  5. GREAT comic! I don’t know when I’ll get back to NYC, since my sister no longer lives there (she had a place on the Upper East Side)*, but when I do, I’ll make sure to visit a couple of the places you listed.

    My only cavil: If Judd Apatow and John McEnroe were born in my hometown, I’d want to keep that to myself. But seriously, good work.

    *Lest you think we’re rich assholes, it was a rent-subsidized apartment

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