The Best Revenge

A wise man named Old Dirty Bastard once said “Wu-Tang is for the children.” And that’s how I feel about this week’s Dustinland comic. When you’re a kid, the bad shit that happens to you feels awful. Humiliating. The worst. You feel like you want to die. Like things will never change. Never get better. But you know what? Then one day you’re an adult with a normal life. And some of those things that seemed so horrible back then actually seem funny now. Not everything, but some of it. And even the worst of it (and I’m just talking regular school problems, not child abuse or other serious trauma that requires therapy) will be so far behind you, it’s almost like it never happened. So grin and bear it kids. I know childhood can suck sometimes, but this nice thing is, you can get older, leave all those douche bags you hate behind and totally reinvent yourself into exactly who you want to be. And then you can get a job and get married and have completely different things to complain about.

6 responses to “The Best Revenge

  1. Yeah, the real problems are when you’re bullied at work by adults with the minds of 12 year old. It’s worse when you have an MBA and professional license and have worked hard all your life and you wind up being bullied by shitheads.

    My Filipino coworker called me a ‘big nerd,’ a ‘bitch’ and a ‘psycho’ and gave me a bad performance review even though our clients requested me by name to our bosses. So at least the boss hears I do a great job directly from the client, which is who matters. Haha, and I remember my other coworker who would come over to my cube and rant about how dumb and stupid (her words) she thought secretaries were, when my desk was opposite my department’s secretary… and then she would go on rants about how she thinks the pope dresses like he’s gay, when the boss’s right hand man, who is gay, sat the desk diagonal from mine. Ah, the fruition of 25 years of school… working with people like that! Nah, it really doesn’t get better.

    Nice AK-47 rendering, got the details down nicely.

    • Oh, and how could I forget my direct manager Marco used to go on rants about the Jews in Brooklyn were all welfare cheats, and how, he says, they used to parade around in their fur coats while they paid for groceries with food stamps.

      The best thing is that these were people at my new job.. and I left my old job because my Italian and Muslim bosses would go on and on about how much they hate blacks and Jews. I remember Carl talking to one of his clients, and saying in reference to loan proceeds, “You’re not going to save it up like you’re Jewish, are you?” And at Passover, how when I was leaving for the day to help my family get the table set up for our seder, Aleem said, “I once had a friend who got stuck going to a seder once. They tried to get him to participate, but he was like ‘I’m not doing that shit.'” And it just goes on and one. So, I left hat job, and wound up working with those others.

      Finally, I just left New York. Now I live in America, and the Asian population here is 0.3%, which rounded to nearest whole number is 0%. 😀 Life is good.

      • But I’m not doing what I went to school for. I’m a scuba guide. I’d rather dive with sharks, stingrays, urchins, and eels, in strong currents and 65 degree water than be around people.

  2. This would be laughable if only it didn’t affect one’s livelihood and career!

    “Don’t worry, after high school, everything will be better. Four years you think for sure, that’s all you’ve got to endure…” If only!

  3. I wish I could be mature like you, Dustin. I’m twice your age and still fantasize about getting even with the assholes who picked on me in high school, and probably will do so on my deathbed.

  4. yeah Americans suck.

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