Don’t Be An Asssnowle

This bonus Dustinland came from an urge to point out what should be the obvious. I mean come on people! These things should be givens. Either people in general are getting stupider or we’re just becoming less considerate. I don’t know. I see people tossing their snow chunks right into the street, and not just on major avenues where buses can roll right over anything in their path. On little tiny neighborhood blocks that rarely get plowed. I mean, can they be that stupid? I don’t know. I give up.

“Hell is other people” – Sartre

5 responses to “Don’t Be An Asssnowle

  1. Summer is better I’ve noticed women wear less clothing. It’s not ferengi women but still it’s progress.

  2. Chicago has a uniquely obnoxious snow-related custom called “dibs.” Some people, after shoveling out a space for their car on the street in front of or near their house, put old lawn chairs or similar junk in the space to “reserve” it for their car. The thinking is, “I shoveled out this space so it belongs to me.” There’s an implicit (often not so implicit) threat to vandalize any other car that parks there.

    Hey, asswipe, I don’t care if you took the snow and made it into a lifesize replica of Michelangelo’s fucking David. IT’S A PUBLIC STREET. You want a private parking space, buy a garage.

    • That’s reason #8,752,973 why I hate New York, and NYC especially and moved 1,400 miles away to sunny, polite, warm, snow-free redneck West Coast Florida.

  3. Oh yeah that is simply unforgivable. There was a post on Gothamist about people trying to do that in NY and the majority of the commentors were not having it. I just can’t imagine trying to save a space and having it there when I got back. It’s just not allowed.

    • A similar thing happened to me on the SUNY Shithamton campus, outside of Mohawk Hall. I saw an empty spot and went to pull in, but three guys where standing in it saying they were saving it for their friend who went to get his car, and weren’t moving. Well, I was already halfway in the space, with two friends of my own in my car, and I said I too wasn’t moving. Their friend couldn’t pull in the space, as I was already pulling into it, but still they refused to move. After a few minutes the douchebags left, I finished pulling in, and the next day my car was fine. But man, I hated Binghamton. I graduated 8.5 years ago and I still count my time there as the worst years of my life.

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