2011: The Year Hollywood Ran Out of Ideas

I’m sure some people will look at this week’s comic and say “Hey, Hollywood ran out of ideas long ago,” or maybe “Hollywood isn’t out of ideas, they’re just too scared to put money behind anything new that might be a risk in any way.” And I would agree with you if you said either of those things. However, this year is looking particularly bad, even taking all that as a given. I mean, when you’re having to remake Fright Night… come on. You can’t think up a new horror movie? I guess they ran out of ideas after Saw 42.

6 responses to “2011: The Year Hollywood Ran Out of Ideas

  1. Oh come on Dustin, most of the arts died yonks ago. There weren’t that many ideas, things to say or new age new wave arty farty arty project ideas in the first place. The handfull of ideas there ever was, was also hugely overated, in order to sell tons of merchandise etc. There isn’t much more to life than violence, sex, romance, comedy. It’s still gonna be those things even if it does involve robots from another planet or blue furry things. I mean look at Pride and Prejudice, it’s just about a bunch of stuck up women worrying about selling themselves to someone they don’t like that much. You can tell Jane Austen never had any real romance experience because she didn’t realise it doesn’t matter if you marry someone you love or not, you get bored of them in the end regardless.

    Oh and you missed this



  2. I’d see a movie based on, or about, the poems of Hugo Ball.

  3. “It is true that for us art is not an end in itself, we have lost too many of our illusions for that. Art is for us an occasion for social criticism, and for real understanding of the age we live in…Dada was not a school of artists, but an alarm signal against declining values, routine and speculations, a desperate appeal, on behalf of all forms of art, for a creative basis on which to build a new and universal consciousness of art.” Hugo Ball

    We have depressin Dustin and his take on Republicans & Republicans Lite (Democrats) for “social criticism” lol

  4. “I mean look at Pride and Prejudice, it’s just about a bunch of stuck up women worrying about selling themselves to someone they don’t like that much.”

    Look at Moby Dick, it’s about some lunatic who gets himself and almost everyone else around killed over a fish fetish.

    Look at The Red and the Black, it’s about some punk social climber who can’t keep his pants zipped.

    Look at The Raven, it’s about some idiot who hallucinates about a talking bird.

    Look at Romeo and Juliet, it’s about a teenage drama queen and king.

    Hey, this is fun! We could franchise it and call it “Cynical Classics.”

  5. Better the dog than the sheep.

  6. Because humanity is so much better for all those books. Like 1984 stopped 1984, because we don’t live in a world controlled by the government and its banking supporters at all do we.

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