Let The Bedbugs Bite

This week’s Dustinland touches on bedbugs, a truly frightening new trend sweeping the country, or at least the east coast. I once thought I had bedbugs after the wife got some odd bites a few nights in a row. We totally freaked out, called some exterminators and wound up bagging up all our clothes. We were totally prepared for the worst. Convinced we were screwed. But then the exterminators came and said we were fine, and the bites went away. Now we think it was just a spider or some other weird annoying bug. But man, for those two or three days we were pretty freaked out, or should I say BUGGED OUT! HEYOOO!!!

But seriously folks, this sucks. I read an article on Gothamist once where people say they saw a bedbug on the subway so now I never feel safe sitting down, even though I still do every day because I have a 45 minute commute. Good times.

10 responses to “Let The Bedbugs Bite

  1. I think you should do a comic about the time I went to the Rat in Binghamton and somebody got stabbed and we couldn’t leave because a stabbed guy was bleeding on the pool table.
    Bed Bugs!

  2. I hope you and that bug used protection otherwise that’s gonna be some freaky offspring. Hope spiderman is around to deal with it.

    Your thing about Bed bugs being worse than Republicans is similar to how people think war is bad but then see the number of people who die from disesases or starvation. For all the rubbish we do to Nature, it sure has the good sense to try and get rid of us too, as it probably will in the end with climate change. Nature generally wins in the end.

    Also similar to how people think about Aliens. People want to find Alien life but then they think they might want to destory us and then also they realise that their germs may kill us even if they come in peace. Similar to when Europeans went to South America. There’s probably a good reason the universe / god put no other planets with life on close to Earth, only need to look at how different human civilisations interact to see that.

    • Europeans killed a lot of North Americans with their germs too. I’ve always viewed it that European mercenaries killed most of the South Americans, during their quests for gold, and it was the North Americans who were killed by the Euro germs.


  4. Well that’s a damn fine sexy bedbug. Lounging on your bed like that, and totally taking control of the situation. I like that confidence.

  5. “Birdy’s shit tower is amazeballs.” If I ever put out a Birdy book, I may have to include that on the back cover where real books would have quotes from the NY Times.

  6. I wonder how many copies you have to sell to get on the New York Times best seller list. Maybe just easier to kidnap the person who makes the list. So when you gonna publish that book?

  7. i have to say, in all the years of reading your strip. this may be the first one that’s made me throw up in my mouth. you just had sex with a giant bug. I think even Kafka would say, “Whoa. That’s a little messed up buddy.”

  8. Dustin can last for 30 minutes? think he’s been using a fleshlight trainer.

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