Daily Archives: January 10, 2011

Let The Bedbugs Bite

This week’s Dustinland touches on bedbugs, a truly frightening new trend sweeping the country, or at least the east coast. I once thought I had bedbugs after the wife got some odd bites a few nights in a row. We totally freaked out, called some exterminators and wound up bagging up all our clothes. We were totally prepared for the worst. Convinced we were screwed. But then the exterminators came and said we were fine, and the bites went away. Now we think it was just a spider or some other weird annoying bug. But man, for those two or three days we were pretty freaked out, or should I say BUGGED OUT! HEYOOO!!!

But seriously folks, this sucks. I read an article on Gothamist once where people say they saw a bedbug on the subway so now I never feel safe sitting down, even though I still do every day because I have a 45 minute commute. Good times.