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The Best Revenge

A wise man named Old Dirty Bastard once said “Wu-Tang is for the children.” And that’s how I feel about this week’s Dustinland comic. When you’re a kid, the bad shit that happens to you feels awful. Humiliating. The worst. You feel like you want to die. Like things will never change. Never get better. But you know what? Then one day you’re an adult with a normal life. And some of those things that seemed so horrible back then actually seem funny now. Not everything, but some of it. And even the worst of it (and I’m just talking regular school problems, not child abuse or other serious trauma that requires therapy) will be so far behind you, it’s almost like it never happened. So grin and bear it kids. I know childhood can suck sometimes, but this nice thing is, you can get older, leave all those douche bags you hate behind and totally reinvent yourself into exactly who you want to be. And then you can get a job and get married and have completely different things to complain about.

Don’t Be An Asssnowle

This bonus Dustinland came from an urge to point out what should be the obvious. I mean come on people! These things should be givens. Either people in general are getting stupider or we’re just becoming less considerate. I don’t know. I see people tossing their snow chunks right into the street, and not just on major avenues where buses can roll right over anything in their path. On little tiny neighborhood blocks that rarely get plowed. I mean, can they be that stupid? I don’t know. I give up.

“Hell is other people” – Sartre

2011: The Year Hollywood Ran Out of Ideas

I’m sure some people will look at this week’s comic and say “Hey, Hollywood ran out of ideas long ago,” or maybe “Hollywood isn’t out of ideas, they’re just too scared to put money behind anything new that might be a risk in any way.” And I would agree with you if you said either of those things. However, this year is looking particularly bad, even taking all that as a given. I mean, when you’re having to remake Fright Night… come on. You can’t think up a new horror movie? I guess they ran out of ideas after Saw 42.

Opposite Day

This comic was inspired by too much coffee.

Let The Bedbugs Bite

This week’s Dustinland touches on bedbugs, a truly frightening new trend sweeping the country, or at least the east coast. I once thought I had bedbugs after the wife got some odd bites a few nights in a row. We totally freaked out, called some exterminators and wound up bagging up all our clothes. We were totally prepared for the worst. Convinced we were screwed. But then the exterminators came and said we were fine, and the bites went away. Now we think it was just a spider or some other weird annoying bug. But man, for those two or three days we were pretty freaked out, or should I say BUGGED OUT! HEYOOO!!!

But seriously folks, this sucks. I read an article on Gothamist once where people say they saw a bedbug on the subway so now I never feel safe sitting down, even though I still do every day because I have a 45 minute commute. Good times.

Thanks For The Camera

Oh man, the camera I refer to in this week’s Dustinland is going to be the present ever. It’s really some addicting fun. It does take a while to put these little videos together though, so don’t expect a new one every week. Oh, and also there’s this thing called copyright laws, so it’s possible I’ll have to take this video down since I don’t own the song. You know, because I’m really hurting the The 69 Boyz by using their song “What You Want For Christmas.” But who knows, maybe they’ll like it and let me leave it up. Either way, it’s a funny song, and a funny video (at least I think so).