2010 – The Year In Review

So the thing about this year-end Dustinland is that I tried to do things differently this time around. Usually I just kinda list all the major things that happened and group them into categories. This time, I still kinda did that but I did it within a framework that in itself describes something that happened this year, which, in my opinion, was the complete acceptance of social media by pretty much everyone. Yes, Facebook and Twitter have been around for years, but 2010 was the year where your mom started Tweeting and your grandpa started posting embarrassing shit on your Facebook wall.

So, there you have it. 2010 in a nutshell. Mostly. There were a few things I didn’t mention, including: Mel Gibson burying himself even deeper in poop, the Obama Administration firing Shirley Sherrod after right-wing asshole Andrew Breitbart posted a video of her edited to make an uplifting speech she gave sound like a Black Panther rally, Lebron went to Miami, a flight attendant jumped out of a parked plane after he got sick of his shitty job, Glenn Beck is still a dick, Colbert and Stewart had a sweet rally in DC, Jesse James got caught cheating on Sandra Bullock and everyone hates him now, some dick pastor tried to burn the koran on 9-11, an ump ruined a guys perfect game on the last out, a Philly fan was tased after running onto the field during a game, and everyone has bedbugs now. Tahdah! Happy new year!

3 responses to “2010 – The Year In Review

  1. I love the new social style. And it’s true, 2010 will forever be remembered as the year everyone’s mom started playing Farmville. 😦

  2. Only middle class mums have time to play farmville, my mum is too busy servicing clients to play games.

  3. ..They are few and far between but there are some good things that happened in pet food during 2010. Heres a good list of pet food acts…A panel meeting at the 2010 Institute of Food Technology Annual Meeting and Food Expo encouraged pet food manufacturers to consider the health implications of their products in order to improve animals health ..Doctor Dressler known as the dog cancer vet said the key is severely limiting snack foods for humans and dogs that contain ingredients rich in omega-6 fatty acids. Besides red meat common to some pet foods other highly popular pet food ingredients such as soybean products canola oil and corn products produce Omega 6 fatty acids. Omega-6 fatty acids tend to increase inflammation blood clotting and cell proliferation while omega-3 fatty acids decrease those functions of the immune system. The problem is that the typical American diet – for people as well as their pets – tends to be overloaded with omega-6s and deficient in omega-3s. .Amazing…a Veterinarian speaking out on the risks of common pet food ingredients such as corn canola and soy. Thank you Doctor Dressler!In August 2010 Veterinarians publically spoke out on concerns of sick dogs linked to Blue Buffalo Dog Food. The concerns began on VinNews veterinarian forums and then VinNews courageously took the pet food concerns public. In a August 31 article VinNews reported that Richard MacLean vice president of Blue Buffalo business affairs says one thing is certain Test results thus far have shown nothing unusual about the products formulation amounts of calcium and vitamin D in particular are within the companys specifications and well below levels that might be considered toxic. Six weeks later Blue issued a possible excess Vitamin D dog food recall. Thank you VinNews Veterinarians posting on VinNews forums and Michigan State University!And lets not forget October 13 2010 when the students at Western University of Health Sciences – future Veterinarians – invited TruthaboutPetFood.com me! to speak sharing with these students pet food information not common to their curriculum or any veterinary school curriculum . These future health caretakers of our pets were provided with documented evidence regarding the other side of commercial pet food FDA compliance policies AAFCO regulations and so on . Now they know!Thank you Students of Western University Veterinary School!It wasnt long ago that many dog and cat foods were preserved with harsh risky chemicals today most are preserved with natural tocopherols. As pointed out to me recently by a educated Pet Owner it wasnt long ago that raw food dog and cat diets were a rarity in pet stores today raw food pet diets are common. Today we even have organic commercial pet food options and pet foods made from whole foods no added synthetic vitamins minerals . Weve come a long way Baby!While there is much more to accomplish for the safety of pet foods and treats I hope everyone takes a moment to look back on the good we have achieved. We – Pet Owners – have kept our voices loud and strong. We have taken the time to educate ourselves in search of safe food and care of our pets and we have told Big Pet Food and Veterinarians we will expect nothing less from them. Some are listening I firmly believe more will in the near future.

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