TRAINing Day: A True Story

Yup. This week’s comic is based on a true story. I mean I wasn’t there or anything but my friend was and I believe him. He’s not the kind of guy to make that kind of thing up. I personally never went through anything like that on the subway, although I was robbed at knife point for about $10 in high school. It was these two thug kids with a big knife versus me and another nerdy white kid (actually, it was this kid). Too bad Russ wasn’t around to step in and save me.

5 responses to “TRAINing Day: A True Story

  1. Your friend was lucky he didn’t get busted. I don’t believe carrying a switchblade on the subway (or anywhere else) is legal in NYC.

    • Looks like a fixed blade in the ‘toon. Most cops wouldn’t care anyway. I carry a Cold Steel Rajah 1 that has a pocket deploy feature, so it’s not a swtichblade, but it can be deployed with one hand. Same for the Victorinox Trekker.; it can be deployed with one hand, but it’s hardly a switchblade. Would a cop “bust” me for carrying a Trekker? Not likely.

  2. Scary NYC. Even the 9-5ers carry knives.

  3. So the two women represent Russ’ mum and sister (who he wants to bang), the knife his manhood and the tramp his drunk father who used to beat him. This is the American way to express their inner feelings. I bet Russ didn’t even get a BJ for his work, probz went home and fapped off to violent animal porn. This is why I don’t have a girl friend just not worth the effort.

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