How Work Works

This week’s oh so Dilberty Dustinland doesn’t reflect upon my current job. In fact, this phenomenon hasn’t really affected me much at all, aside from one time at a previous job when I busted out some extra skills and the “raise” I was given in return came in the form of a promised bottle of scotch that I never received. But it did give me this notion of the danger in offering up additional services, and since then, many people have told me stories about their jobs where they’re basically being punished for being good. And that’s really what this comic is about. Often times you get punished for being good at your job. Hell, there’s extra work to do — we can’t give it to that slow poke whiner down the hall. We have to give it to you! You’re so good, so fast, so hardworking. We know you’ll have to work a little bit late but you should feel good that we have such confidence in your abilities!

Man, I should have saved that for a whole other comic. Well, if I do use it, pretend you didn’t read it here first.

3 responses to “How Work Works

  1. The American dream, the ultimate con, suckers.

  2. This is really true in the publishing business. We have a saying here: “Hard work will get you more hard work.”

  3. In addition, the person who’s supposed to be doing the job you wound up doing then leaves that job because they got a 300% salary increase at a different company. That sure is some lousy poetry. True, but lousy.

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