This Is News To Me

This Dustinland was inspired by a rare viewing of cable news I was subjected to the other day. I actually don’t even have cable, which is great because it’s evil on the most part, but that’s another topic.

When I watch cable news networks, I feel like I am being yelled at and bombarded. I don’t understand why people put themselves through this. Nothing is fun about it. Even when they’re talking politics and you agree with the pundits, it’s still not fun. It’s stressful and awful. I like me some BBC or PBS news where it’s more like someone calmly telling me what is happening, rather than trying to freak me out and get a reaction out of me, or even worse, telling me what that reaction should be.

Anyway, I know this isn’t the freshest topic but it hit me the other day so there you have it.

3 responses to “This Is News To Me

  1. Nice. I hear you, and for the same reasons, I don’t even own a TV anymore. I’ve realized that being a woman is like watching cable news 24/7. I’ve calculated that so far, I’ve spent 1,000 days menstruating, and have about that number of days on the rag still remaining before I reach menopause. Talk about a knee slapping barn burner of a good time! Not to mention unwanted attention from men – “positive” or negative, whether I look good or don’t, I hear it from men. How about “leave me the fuck alone.” I wish I could turn it off – creepy, jealous women; creepy resentful sleazy guys; periods; being physically small and unable to do a lot of things that men do easily; always being worst. My value is based solely on my appearance, I should have skipped college and graduate school. I was at the pool the other day, and a high school swim coach was yelling to one of his students, repeatedly “Don’t let a GIRL beat you!” I think a day as a woman would turn a devoutly religious man into an atheist, because no benevolent god would create the sort of life women have.

  2. Um….getting back to the subject…good comic, Dustin. I especially like the little touches like all those screen crawls.

  3. I love the logo.

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