All Apologies

So this week’s Dustinland really did happen. Not the slapping part, but the girl on the elevator. I would like to emphasize that in addition to nothing being spilled beyond a few drops – none of which landed on any clothing to my knowledge – this all took place around 9:00 am. So this was first thing in the morning, and I hadn’t spoken one word to anyone all day, besides maybe a whispered goodbye to my wife. And, hey, it’s hard to get those first few words out when you’re still all groggy. I think an audible whoops was pretty good, considering the situation. Now, perhaps the girl in question (I have never seen her before or since the ass-calling incident) had a horrible morning commute and was extra grumpy because of it, although I find that hard to believe since we were in the office at 9:00. Anyway, regardless of all this, it’s pretty clear she had no right to call me an ass, even if I should have said sorry instead of whoops. Thankfully I held back the “Go fuck yourself” that popped into my mind, in order to avoid another awkward incident like the one I got into at my old job where I wound up in a cursing match with two security guards.


16 responses to “All Apologies

  1. Nice backhand 🙂 even if it only occurred in Dustinland lol. Here’s hoping you’re going to the March to Restore Sanity Oct 30th! Looks awesome, but a bit of a commute from Australia 🙂 But yeah, a Dustinland about that event would possibly be too awesome to capture on paper. Keep up the good work =D

  2. Can you do the cursing match with the security guards next? I like the real-life incident cartoons.

  3. I was enjoying this comic until I realised that “getting off” didn’t mean what I thought it was going to.

  4. Yeah now I’m kind of curious about the security guard incident.

  5. More real life incidents please!

  6. i must admit, i understand the “whoops is not sorry” argument… because, generally speaking, “whoops” is something you utter to yourself like “uh oh” or “crap!”, and doesn’t acknowledge a second party or necessarily imply remorse. her reaction was definitely not necessary though, and i agree that she was the ass.

  7. One thing I would like to add to this argument is this definition from

    whoops [ʰwʊps, ʰwups, wʊps, wups/ Show Spelled[hwoops, hwoops, woops, woops]
    used to express surprise, mild embarrassment, etc., or as a casual apology.

    A casual apology. That’s all I’m sayin.

    As for the security guards, well I may just want to put that unfortunate situation behind me but perhaps at some point I will unearth it for your pleasures. Either way, I like the real life stories as well so I will try to live a less boring life, so as to have more things to write comics about.

  8. Geez, I hope this girl never meets some of the people I have to work with. Her easily offended little head would explode.

  9. Having two cups of scaling hot coffee poured all over you at the start of the day, burning you and ruining your clothes is being easily offended? To each their own. Shrug.

  10. 1. Nothing was spilled.
    2. It was iced-coffee.

  11. You want less boring life Dustin, come visit me someday.

  12. O, those look like regular hot Sbux cups in the comic. Just carry a weapon and if a bitch ever steps to you again, brandish the weapon and be all like “Know your place, bitch!” Right, Bitter?

  13. Oh good point. I should have drawn the clear kind – is that what they use for iced-coffee? I don’t think she had Starbucks but I felt like drawing them. Yeah, I don’t remember her coffee details. Maybe I did spill it on her after all. Actually, now that I think about it, I did spill it on her, and then I punched her in the face and did a b-boy pose and screamed “YOU GOT SERVED!” And then I said whoops.

  14. I witnessed the security guard incident. Do tell Dustin. Do tell. (evil laugh)

  15. Dustin: I gotta ask…”b-boy pose”?

    Anonymous: Kindly keep me out of your rants.

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