Check The Rhyme Yall

For those of you that don’t get this week’s Dustinland, each panel features illustrated lyrics from classic hip-hop songs (classic is a relative word of course — some might just say old, depending on which song we’re talking about). And the songs are:

  • Panel 1 – The Humpty Dance – Digital Underground
  • Panel 2 – Ice Ice Baby – Vanilla Ice
  • Panel 3 – Let Me Clear My Throat – DJ Kool
  • Panel 4 – Bust A Move – Young MC / Mama Said Knock You Out – L.L. Cool J
  • Panel 5 – Get It Together – Beastie Boys
  • Panel 6 – Can’t Touch This – MC Hammer
  • Panel 7 – 93 ‘Til Infinity – Souls of Mischeif
  • Panel 8 – Cheif Rocka – Lords of the Underground
  • Panel 9 – Buddy – De La Soul
  • Panel 10 – Jump Around – House of Pain
  • Panel 11 – Insane in the Brain – Cypress Hill
  • Panel 12 – The Choice Is Yours – Black Sheep

3 responses to “Check The Rhyme Yall

  1. This brought back a few memories.

    Does anyone remember the wicked takedown of Vanilla Ice they did on “In Living Color,” the old comedy-sketch show? It started out with Jim Carrey as V.I. rapping something like “Stop, look around and tinkle/My real name is Robert Van Winkle” and the chorus (of black guys, natch) was “White, white, baby…he’s white, white baby, so very white, white, baby…”

    Good times.

  2. haha i remember this like it was yesterday lol 8)

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