Daily Archives: August 9, 2010


First of all, this week’s Dustinland is not meant for people who think Obama is some raging socialist. If you actually believe that, you seriously need to reconsider what kind of sources you’re getting your news from, because he’s far from even being considered a progressive liberal in pretty much every category, not to mention a socialist. I mean, you’ve got people accusing Obama of being in bed with Wall Street, and being a socialist at the same time. That’s like saying my pet cat is also a dog.

But anyway, as I said in the comic, I know one man can’t just come in and instantly change a system where enormously powerful groups have extremely entrenched influences. But still, I feel like his Obama’s overall performance has been very underwhelming. He seems content with many small victories that don’t achieve much but sound good on paper. He can pass these kind of things through our joke of a congress because they don’t offend the giant corporations that control our elected officials. And that is the problem. It is this very corporate influence that is causing all the problems. These powers will never support legislation that makes them weaker. We need to ram it down their throats. And it’s true, Obama can’t do that without support of a real liberal majority, not the bunch of fake Democrats in office now who care more about their poll numbers than about standing up for a cause they deem even slightly controversial. But still, it doesn’t seem like he’s even trying. And hey, he’s always been a middle of the road guy. Maybe I just hoped for too much.

I’m also concerned with Obama’s leadership style. His speeches lately feel fake and stilted. He sounds like he’s reading. I don’t care if he reads or not, I just don’t want him to sound like he’s reading. He also hasn’t been able to give much of a powerful impression. He doesn’t seem like a leader. He seems calculated. And while this doesn’t directly affect policy, it doesn’t give people confidence in him, and when his poll numbers droop, then Congress isn’t afraid to stand up to him and then we’re back to getting nothing done.

Hey, at the end of the day, I recognize the guy has a lot going against him, and has still accomplished a few nice things, but I also think we have lowered expectations these days, and that the problems before us are so great, we need major, bold solutions, not safe, tiny political gains.