Page O’ Fun

This week’s Dustinland gives you a look inside my creative process. Now, I know what you’re thinking: How can I be so lucky as to actually get a glimpse into the intricate and undoubtedly fascinating methods that a genius like Dustin uses to create his masterpiece comics? Just kidding. You’re thinking: Boy, Dustin really must have been out of ideas this week to churn out this random mish-mash. Well, let me explain.

I have a book where I write down ideas for comics. In fact, I have several. When it comes time to draw this week’s Dustinland, I look through these books for a good idea. Usually the ideas I run with are my most current thoughts, but sometimes I dig back as far as a few years for a theme. Now, there are a lot of ideas that wind up not quite deserving of their own dedicated comics. However, I don’t like to waste them either. So, every once in a while I take all these little one-off ideas and mush them into one big comic. And there you have it! Brilliant and interesting, I know.


2 responses to “Page O’ Fun

  1. I can relate to the last panel. You have no idea how many people I’ve met think I’m named after a direction.

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