Hahaha! Isn’t it funny that most of us never achieve our hopes and dreams?! Whew! What a knee-slapper!

Really though, just the fact that we live in a society where you can have food, shelter and safety, and be able to raise a family and live to a ripe old age, and actually be able to contemplate the thought of preferring another profession is something to be infinitely thankful for.


20 responses to “Life

  1. You’re right. Last night I dreamed I was having sex with Peter Griffin. Bet that’ll never happen in real life. It’ll never come true. Pffffttt.

  2. Bah, that just shit on my cubicle filled day.

    • Yep, same here. Right now I am in the “I’ll just do this for a few years while I figure things out” phase. I hope that the 2 year limit on the project I am working for will force me to go back and get my Ph.D….. so I can work in a different cubicle that is related to my field. 🙂

  3. “Go play outside, sonny.”

  4. Life is long, dull and small in possibility. It isn’t like it is in those Pepsi / Coke / Nike / Apple etc etc adverts. It’s all a matter of luck and not being trampled on by fellow man or some virus. You yanks all sucked into that American dream rubbish. Time for America to grow up.

    • Not really.

      When we’re young, our world is small and things are simple. But as we get older we realize how difficult and complex some things are, such as being an astronaut. Our goals than shift to things that are achievable given our abilities and our appetite for risk. Hate your cube? Grow some balls, quit and do whatever you have to do to make yourself happy.

      “The fault dear Brutus lies not in our stars, but in ourselves.”

      • The thing is so many people achieve all these things and feel empty still. If all those big dreams are really so great then why are there so many books out there on how to stay motivated. Happiness is essentially marginal past food and family. We don’t realize this because most of us in the west don’t starve or lack close family, but if we did we would learn just how much of our being and happiness is made up by the essentials. We lack appreciation for what we have got and we have have so much free time our minds need these false dreams to have something to occupy itself with. Also we have gone to materialism believing cars etc can make us happy rather than experiences such as travel or helping others.

        “we are all in the gutter, but some of us are looking at the stars”

        Oscar Wilde.

  5. u Know chaps what we need is a good old fashioned World war to liven things up a bit. Someone wind the ruskies up a bit.

  6. Actually, fulfilling all of your hopes and dreams is overrated.

    By age 30 years and 12 days, I fulfilled all of dreams (advanced scuba diver, do what I like for work – but worked my ass off to get it, have a hot car, live in paradise, good at target shooting, play golf, tennis and racquetball, ran a half marathon and have a full marathon in the fall, have a motorcycle license, play a Fender Strat guitar (Mexican model) with a sick Marshall amp and distortion pedal, have been to five continents and cool countries like Japan and Australia, etc, etc. But now I’m like what now….?

    • Hmmm, you have a lot of nice things. Can you help me out with my student loan so I can get on figuring out my dream? 🙂

      What you need to do is trade up for a Suhr or G&L, and get a Hiwatt instead of the Marshall 🙂

  7. Rat racers – peeps who think it’s all about achieving goals
    hedonists – do what want whenever want to
    nihilists – take pleasure in nothing
    peeeps who take pleasure in the process of achieving goals
    spiritualists – who live with the afterlife in mind
    altruistic peoples who live to help others

    Lots of types of people out there non seem that happy though.

    In the West we have it too easy though.

    • I just think it’s good to have something to look forward to. One dream I have that will never be fulfilled is to have the physical strength and to command the same respect as a man. Not only am I physically weaker than a man, and am well aware of it, but I bleed from my crotch for five days each month, and men and women alike have more respect for men than for women. If you’re a guy quit your bellyaching!

      • I’ve always thought women are superior to men. Many ancient cultures believed this too and I think we will go back to this again soon. Mans dominance will eventually just be a blip in history.

        Ps you really should get a doctor to look at that bleeding crotch thing.

  8. Tom, I totally disagree with 100% of everything you have to say, and I could write a 10 page essay on why.

    But maybe this will cheer up you losers:

    Somebody loves you!

    • Well, I for one wish I had a real skill and could actually build something. However, I’m not too sure that there’s any extra satisfaction that comes from a blue collar job rather than a white collar one. Sure, on a nice fall day it would be awesome to be outside all day, banging on nails. How about in the middle of winter? Or on a day like today when it’s 95? I bet paving some tar would be a real good time. I think that blue collar workers tend to have a certain pride to what they do that’s lacking in the cubicle world, but that doesn’t necessarily mean they’re actually happier.
      I did a comic on this theme a while back:

      • Work is work is work. Ok sometimes it’s different, but overriding all that is the fact you have to do it. Having to do anything after a while sucks. Unless you are a banker or actor and get tons of dollars for doing nothing much, that’s fun, assuming you don’t have any morals that is.

        I knew you were around somewhere Dman. How many more peeps do I have to wind up before I get my own comic?

  9. What’s the theme of the comic? “Hey, there’s this guy Tom who posts on my blog — he sure is zany!”

    • It could be about how Dustin’s blog is the only one in the world with free speech because all the other ones keep deleting my comments. Guess I’m just too Zany for them, bunch of flat Earthers I say. Up the revolution.

  10. FYI, I love the dirty “mustache” is the second panel 🙂

  11. What amazes me is that such a loser, managed to get some action in order to have a kid. Hope for us all 🙂

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