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Page O’ Fun

This week’s Dustinland gives you a look inside my creative process. Now, I know what you’re thinking: How can I be so lucky as to actually get a glimpse into the intricate and undoubtedly fascinating methods that a genius like Dustin uses to create his masterpiece comics? Just kidding. You’re thinking: Boy, Dustin really must have been out of ideas this week to churn out this random mish-mash. Well, let me explain.

I have a book where I write down ideas for comics. In fact, I have several. When it comes time to draw this week’s Dustinland, I look through these books for a good idea. Usually the ideas I run with are my most current thoughts, but sometimes I dig back as far as a few years for a theme. Now, there are a lot of ideas that wind up not quite deserving of their own dedicated comics. However, I don’t like to waste them either. So, every once in a while I take all these little one-off ideas and mush them into one big comic. And there you have it! Brilliant and interesting, I know.


Hahaha! Isn’t it funny that most of us never achieve our hopes and dreams?! Whew! What a knee-slapper!

Really though, just the fact that we live in a society where you can have food, shelter and safety, and be able to raise a family and live to a ripe old age, and actually be able to contemplate the thought of preferring another profession is something to be infinitely thankful for.

Word Nerd Part 1

I really find the subject of this week’s Dustinland interesting, so I think one day I’ll do another one. But we’ll see. Maybe you all will hate it. The whole etymology thing can be pretty nerdy but it’s also kinda cool. I have a whole list of stuff I researched online so hopefully I can dig into it a little further. I actually think it could be a pretty cool book, to tell you the truth. So yeah, if you want to pay me to do a book of cartoons about English word origins, just let me know. I’ll be all over that.

Oh, and the thing that gave me the idea for this comic was a book called Genghis Kahn and the Making of the Modern World. Pretty sweet book. Man, the Mongols have really gotten the shaft over the last 700 years or so. Check out the book and not only will you learn interesting things like “assassin” comes from “Hashishin” and “mogul” comes from “Mongol,” but you’ll find out that a poor-ass hunter dude wound up creating an enormous empire that helped spread ideas and technology all over the world.

This is the nerdiest post ever but hey, deal with it.

New “Rex in the City” strip in the latest MAD Magazine

If you can find the latest issue of MAD Magazine, pick one up. And then buy it. Inside, you’ll find one of my “Rex in the City” strips. It may or may not be familiar to you in some form or another via Dustinland.

Ask A Black Dude

I hope this week’s Dustinland doesn’t bring out any asshole comments, but I’m sure it will because anything regarding race does. But really, I just wanted an answer to my question. Now, I’m sure this isn’t THE answer. It’s just one guy’s answer. But, being a black dude, he has a better grip on the situation than I do.

Anyway, it’s about 99 degrees with 150% humidity in New York right now and I don’t have AC in the room where my computer is so I think that’s all I have to say about race or anything else.