Pr0ns and Cons

In case you don’t get the title behind this week’s Dustinland, people on the internet use pr0n (with a zero instead of the letter O) to refer to porn without having it show up on filters and office spying devices and whatnot.

So yeah, porn. You know, I think you’ve got to assume it’s probably not good for society. I think that’s what I’ve come to. But hey, who knows, maybe if everyone got completely overwhelmed by sex it would stop being such a big deal. I mean really, it’s possible. Hey, maybe they should legalize prostitution for all I know. Maybe a few dudes wouldn’t have lost it and shot up their local mall with a hunting rifle if they would have been able to drop $50 on a hummer and some nice boobs. Or maybe it just makes kids think it’s okay to bang each other and get preggers at 13. Maybe it degrades the mind and reduces something that can be a beautiful act between two people into something defined by debasement. Really, I don’t know. I just draw comics.


6 responses to “Pr0ns and Cons

  1. It’s too bad that societies have such archaic, repressive attitudes toward sex that people seek porn as an outlet.

    I think porn is sad and funny at the same time. Sad to think that people actually get turned on by it, and funny because it is usually awkward, full of fake female orgasms, and/or gross. I remember watching Anal Sluts II thinking “How does she get her anus to open so big? Gross.”

    But I guess guys need some fantasy world where women aren’t so lame-o, whiny and bitchy. As a woman I can say that, it’s like that Seinfeld episode when that dentist converted to Judaism just so he could make jokes. For example, I went scuba diving last weekend, and on the dive boat, all the women (except me and a friend of mine) were getting seasick and whining and puking and being generally shitty underwater too, and doing almost everything incorrectly always. I guess porn gives men an escape from that – a world where women do just what they want, and where men don’t need to buy flowers and candy only to be told the woman has a headache. Just open a magazine or watch a screen, get an eyeful, grab a bottle of lotion, and go to town. The problem is that some people can’t differentiate the fantasy world where they are omnipotent, to the actual world where they have to respect others (like how a housewife rules over nest and kids at home, and mistakenly thinks she can be just as big a bitch to everyone else, strangers too, outside of the home). Porn becomes a crutch for people with poor social skills and poor self control to being with. Asian countries have the largest per capita spending ratios on porn in the world. Hmm.

    • It’s nice to read such sensible comments from a woman 🙂

      I think porn can be good and bad…. there is good porn, there is bad porn…. there are people who are probably OK watching porn…. there are people who may get fucked up watching it. So… I guess it’s just like a million other things in life.

      I just wish people would let people do what they want to do… anyone ever see that P&T episode on “War on Porn”. I thought it was pretty good. Fair amount of “boobage” also… haha

  2. I always knew it, dustin is a man hater.

  3. If love and reproduction are so important why did we evolve with the ability to jack off. Bad parents reproducing and people breaking other peoples hearts have and will always do lots more damage to the world than Pr0n. But you aren’t ever going to be able to stop bad parenting or cheaters, so we moan about pr0n in the same way we moan about violent computer games. it’s pathetic, heart disease is a problem a million times bigger, ever done a comic about that?

  4. Yeah Tom, heart disease. That would be a HILARIOUS comic. Hey, maybe that would be a great start to Tomland.

  5. Just wanna reference a commet from Ms. Anonymous up there. “Porn becomes a crutch for people with poor social skills and poor self control to being with. ” I do believe that.
    Most people are so introverted that they would rather stay locked in their rooms and watch porn rather than enjoy life and meet people;therefore, turning them into antisocial pricks. Not to mention, sites such as Chatroulette do not make their issue any easier for them.

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