Not My Problem

I wanted to create a comic about the oil spill in the Gulf, but didn’t feel like doing some drawn out depressing screed that goes on and on about how we’re doomed, we’re ruining the world, the future is going to be like some fucked up apocalyptic movie, etc….  I mean, I pretty much still do believe that, but I’ve already done that comic. So I started to think about this BP disaster within in the bigger picture. What’s it really about? And of course the answer is greed. It’s always the answer. And this huge, interconnected world of ours only makes it easier to act on that greed, since you’ll probably never meet the people affected by your actions. A few clicks of a button, a few phone calls, and that’s all it takes to completely fuck over thousands of people. And you’ll be rewarded because you increased profits and that’s all that matters. Look at the spill. It could have been prevented. But in order to save a few bucks, a few percentage points off some CEO’s yearly bonus, we’re left with one of the biggest man-made environmental disasters in history. And will anyone pay? Will anyone be held responsible to a degree that they’re actually punished? Not a chance. No one will pay but the victims. And nothing will change. All you need is a small percentage of the world’s population to believe that their own personal gain justifies any actions. Those will be the people driven to rise to the top, to bring themselves into power, and to be in the position to fuck over the rest of us. And they will. Every time. Until it’s all ruined.

14 responses to “Not My Problem

  1. People don’t care about other people, it’s the American way, first the Indians, now the world, then aliens, god and finally themselves.

  2. Whoa, Tom, enough American-bashing. Toyota is a Japanese company, and remember the Bridgestone/Firestone tire failures from a few years ago? Bridgestone is also Japanese. The Japanese are the only people on Earth who are still fervent whalers. Do you have any idea how sadistically brutal the Japanese were to Koreans, Chinese, Filipinos and Americans during World War II? Ask a Korean or Filipino what they think of the Japanese.

    Do you think the Chinese are environmentalists or consumer advocates? They’re the ones who cut of sharks’ fins while they’re still alive, throw the back in the water mortally injured to die a slow painful death. The Chinese also manufactured and sold tainted dog food, poisoned toothpaste, and toxic children’s toys…and well, everything else they make is pretty much lethal! Let’s not forget their government’s program of harvesting organs from prisoners for sale on the international black market. If you hate America so much, go for a dip in the Yangtze River, you’ll come out smelling like a rose, guaranteed! The air in China’s cities is so polluted they have to wear dust masks… how many cities in America are like that? NONE.

    Your comic should be more racially accurate. The CEO of Merrill Lynch when it lost $2.2 billion by investing in subprime mortgages was E. Stanley O’Neal, a black man. Lloyd Blankfein, current CEO of Goldman Sachs; and Alan Greenspan, the man who destroyed the economic world, are both Jewish. How ’bout drawing some yarmulkes on the characters?

    It’s not the “American way.” Move to rural China, Burkina Faso, Mali, Thailand, Guyana, Greece, Papua New Guinea, or the moon if you hate America so much. I’m an American and I sure don’t want you in my country!

  3. Tom, actually I’d love to send you on a three-year all expense paid trip to Liberia, and that last paragraph above was directed at you.

    Dustin, insightful and poignant comic as usual, you’re right – look at Joe Cassano! But, I’m just sick of whites being vilified, and having a blind eye turned toward the equally bad, if not worse, atrocities committed by other races and ethnic groups.

    There’s an expression this comic reminds me of: “You can’t eat money.” Meaning humans are causing a lot of environmental degradation in the name of money, but in the end we’ll have a lot of [worthless fiat] money, but nothing to eat because we’ve ruined it all to make said money.

  4. Thanks Tom.

    And as for the racial thing, I have three things to say:

    1 – The auto company guys are supposed to be Japanese but I guess I didn’t get that across clearly enough with my art. Of course that panel is based on Toyota, but you know, when you’re drawing people of different races, you want to be subtle because otherwise it can come out like a WWII stereotype cartoon. I guess I was a bit too subtle.

    2 – I mean, really, black CEOs? Come on dude. What percentage of CEOs are black? Here’s the answer from an article I just found on NPR: “Fewer than one-percent of Fortune 500 companies are led by black CEOs.” So if I’m drawing seven CEOs, making one of them black would be statistically incorrect, for that would be suggesting that more than 15-percent of CEOs were black.
    3 – Yes, of course there are plenty of Jewish CEOs, especially in finance. But why don’t I draw yarmulkes on them? Hey, I’m Jewish too, maybe I should be wearing a yarmulke in every panel. Or maybe one of those big black outfits and some long curly sideburns. And then I can have one of those armbands with that yellow star thing on it, and maybe a tattoo with a number. Oh, or maybe I can just draw all Jews with huge noses. You know, just to make it obvious.

  5. Drinky McBoozepants

    I’ll take that all-expense paid trip. Drinks included?

  6. You’re thanking someone for hating your own country?

    Also, shouldn’t you be working, Dustin? LOL

  7. Nice argument that, we are good because everyone else is more evil, lol, says a lot, typical egotistical American argument to justify getting away with being morons just because there are worse people, childish, pathetic, grow up.

  8. Bitter Scribe

    Yeah, how dare you slander Americans when some of the people involved are black or Jewish, and we all know blacks and Jews aren’t real Americans.

    Sheesh. I know this isn’t under your control, Dustin, but sometimes the nutball-to-regular-person ratio on this blog gets a little out of whack.

  9. No, Tom, what you said is that only Americans are bad. I’m saying that’s untrue. You are apparently ignorant of the atrocities perpetrated by other nations.

    Being greedy and evil is not “the American way” as you state. I reiterate, if you hate this country and want to give it a black eye, then leave.

  10. You know, looking back at the comments, I have to say that I originally meant to say thanks to Anonymous instead of Tom. Not that I don’t like Tom as well, but I was responding to Anonymous’ comment: “Dustin, insightful and poignant comic as usual, you’re right.” So thanks for that. But thanks to both of you for engaging in this discourse. Considering this is the internet, it’s a big win for everyone that nobody has called anyone a “FAGGET” yet.

  11. You r all a bunch of nazi faggots from Mars.

  12. Richard A Sellers

    Come to think of it, it was a based on negligence. What makes this story is fustrating was the fact the neither BP, Transocean, or Halliburton wanted to take ownership of this disaster.

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