Sound Guy Blues

Man, every time I’m at a show and the sound guy fucks up or gets accused of fucking up, I think, man, that must suck. I mean, I guess it must be cool to see a lot of great shows, although you’re not really enjoying the show — you’re part of it. It would be like going to a museum then having to take a level to all the paintings. I’d also like to know why there are so many knobs on those boards. I feel like they only use like 4% of them and the rest are there for show. But anyway, rock stars can be dicks.

Speaking of rock stars, I was at a Broken Social Scene show this weekend and I heard some amazing banter. During a new song that was on the mellower side, a lot of annoying Williamsburg douche bags were talking pretty loudly. After the song was over, lead singer Kevin Drew looked over at that side of the venue and said, “To all those people who talked through that song, I’m going to come over to your house while you’re having sex and sit on the end of your bed and eat hummus. Because that’s what it feels like.” Zing!


One response to “Sound Guy Blues

  1. yo that shit is mad stupid word to your mother

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