Two Weeks

Okay, first of all, the message in this week’s Dustinland is that the whole point of giving your job two weeks’ notice is so that you can leave on good terms, not so that you can run around like a dick the whole time. But hey, it sure does feel good to enjoy those two weeks!

And now just to head off any questions, yes, I did just get a new job and I am currently serving out my final two weeks at my current job. Things have not been quite as exciting as depicted in the comic, although I did leave at 4:15 the other day. WOOHOO! LIVING ON THE EDGE!


6 responses to “Two Weeks

  1. Wonder what the comic would look like if it was peoples reactions to you leaving. Tissues all round? or party time, lol.

  2. The most important question is who are you banging in panel #7!?

  3. He’s banging a dude that’s why no face showing, come out the closet Dustin don’t be ashamed.

  4. I’m jealous. I’ve been trying to find a new job for more than two years now.

  5. I’ll miss you. … …. I already do.

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