Tea Party Weekly

This week’s Dustinland was inspired by Matt Groening’s book “Work Is Hell.” He has a bunch of these fake magazine covers in there and I was looking through the book this weekend and thought I’d do one that’s relevant to our current times. As for the Tea Baggers, I just read this article and I think it actually makes me feel much better about the whole “movement.” You know, once I read that “the 18 percent of Americans who identify themselves as Tea Party supporters tend to be Republican, white, male, married and older than 45,” it just reinforced my belief that this whole angry screaming ranting Obama is a socialist thing is just preaching to the choir. Which is good. And hey, I’m not saying I support everything Obama does, because he’s actually done some pretty sketchy things, but still, this whole tossing around of the word socialist thing is just ridiculous.


7 responses to “Tea Party Weekly

  1. First, stop using the race card to defend Obama. Just because people disagree with him and his policies don’t just jump out there and say “OMG racist you’re saying that because he’s black!!!1”

    Secondly, now you’re speaking out against protesting the government? Before, when Bush was president, all of your comics were about mobilizing and making your opinion heard, which was awesome! Now, if people that disagree with you do that, you just stereotype them as a bunch of stupid, redneck hatemongers. Don’t be a hypocrite.

    Whether you are for or against Obama’s new policies, you can’t deny that they will have a significant impact on the American people. If you’re one of the people who disagrees with that it will make you have significant feelings of doubt.

    Vocalizing your opinion in America is what America is all about. I voted for Obama and agree with a lot of what he is doing, but I’m not going to jump on any bandwagons. Just because people don’t 100% agree with Obama and everything he does doesn’t make them wrong.

  2. Dude (or madam), I must disagree with pretty much everything in your comment.

    First of all, I’m not saying EVERYONE at Tea Party rallies are racist, but if you can’t see an undertone of racism in at least some of the attendees, like the ones bringing posters of Obama dressed like an African witch doctor, then I think you’re being either naive or willfully ignorant.

    As for your second point, I’m not speaking out against protesting the government. I’m making fun of raging lunatics who carry guns to rallies, shout down Senators in public hearings, and say things like “I want the government out of my Medicare!” Of course everyone has the right to protest, and go for it. I just don’t happen to agree with this movement’s beliefs, and more importantly, their methods.

    Lastly, do you not see the irony in your final comments? You are lambasting me for vocalizing my opinion, yet declaring yourself a defender of vocalizing one’s opinion.

    My opposition to the Tea Party movement is not based on my allegiance to Obama. I do not support his policies 100% and personally, I have been pretty disappointed with some of the things he has done since being elected. My problem with the Tea Party movement is that is based on lies, exaggeration and fear. If you want to have a discussion about Libertatian values, that’s one thing. While I may not agree with everything he has to say, I respect Ron Paul a great deal, and I will gladly listen to what he has to say. But when you parade Sarah Palin in front of me, then I can’t take you seriously.

  3. Those Matt Groening covers were the first thing I thought of when I saw the comic. (And that’s a compliment.)

  4. Alright, as for the first point, there are ignorant dumbasses at almost every protest, regardless of who they support (or don’t). It really is unfortunate and they don’t deserve any respect. Look at the idiots who broke into shops and homes during the RNC protest in MN and gave the majority of people (and I mean vast majority) who were protesting peacefully a bad image. The subsequent overreaction by police to them made the matter even worse. A few bad apples shouldn’t spoil the whole bunch and if you’d classify everyone at at the tea parties in the same group (‘undertones of racism’) then you’re the one being ignorant.

    Secondly, I didn’t meant to straight out flame your comic. I was just trying to point the hypocrisy in it and I’ll admit in turn I looked like a hypocrite in retrospect.

    Lastly, while I will agree that the tea party people are masters of exaggeration, with the all the proclaimed “socialism” talk that every informed American should know will never happen, I feel at the very very core a lot of them are just people that are extremely concerned and unsure of some of the things going on in washington right now. While I did not attend one, I work across the street from where one was held and most of the people that gave speeches were seemingly average Americans with legitimate concerns of an overinflated government and excessive taxes looking into the future. Maybe I’m a special case though .

  5. As for the racism thing, personally I think it is more than just a few bad apples, but this is an argument that can go on forever so let’s just leave it at that.

    As for what you’re saying about the Tea Partiers themselves, I see your point. But here is my problem. During eight years of the Bush presidency, our debt went out of control, government spending was off the hook, and cronyism ran rampant, with private contractors using the war on terror as an excuse to bilk the tax payers for billions. Where were the Tea Partiers then? For eight years the country goes down the tube, and now all of a sudden they’re taking to the streets, outraged? Now all of a sudden these people are so concerned with fiscal responsibility? It just seems to me like for a lot of these Tea Baggers, everything is fine and dandy as long as a good ol boy like GW is in office, but then all of a sudden a Democrat gets elected – one who isn’t even close to being a progressive – and they’re marching in the streets. Maybe you can say, hey, these people are finally getting educated and taking action. Well, fine, but don’t just get your education from FOX News and Rush Limbaugh.

  6. Very funny 😀

    Good work

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