I think one important detail worth noticing in this week’s Dustinland is in the final panel. Because that’s a really big issue here. When you look at a friend in a relationship you don’t necessarily approve of, what is the truth? Are they unhappy in a bad relationship but afraid to break it off? Are they happy, yet do you think you know something they don’t know that will make them unhappy in the future? Are they happy and will they remain happy and is the issue really yours and yours alone? Or is it just a big clustercuss (I just finished watching The Fantastic Mr. Fox)? Who knows? All I can say is nobody likes to see a friend dating someone who sucks.


5 responses to “Annihidate

  1. I do not care for Wes Anderson movies in the slightest, but Fantastic Mr. Fox was quite entertaining.

  2. Wasn’t this the plot of a Kate Hudson movie, or something?

  3. Hmmm… that would make sense. Fortunately I haven’t seen a Kate Hudson movie since Almost Famous.

  4. I like the part with the boobs.

  5. HAHAHAAHAH!!! how facking TRUE!

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