Owl Pacino

I got nothin for you on this one. Just tryin to get a laugh outta ya.

In other news, the site is now run by wind energy, so that’s nice.


4 responses to “Owl Pacino

  1. Boozey McGehheee

    You should name your dog Dogstin.

  2. High five on the wind power, that’s pretty cool. Also, you know I enjoyed this comic. It’s so you.

  3. Been watching a lot of Sesame Street lately? It’s like every other character is a parody of a real person’s name.

    Or of a TV show. My new favorite is “Desperate Houseplants.”

  4. Desperate Houseplants! That’s genius. I haven’t seen Sesame Street in a long, long time, but this reminds me of The Beetles singing “Letter B.”

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