Sign My Yearblech

This week’s Dustinland is all real. Everything is taken straight from my high school yearbook, which I dug out from the vaults of my parents’ apartment (I was there visiting this weekend in order to play with their new kitten [his name is Rex]). In case you want to know, I went to Stuyvesant High School, and in case you want to know what that means, well Stuyvesant is some big fancy NYC public school for nerds. You have to take a test to get in, kinda like a mini SAT. Once you’re there it pretty much sucks because it’s harder than most colleges, but you get to learn stuff and most importantly, you don’t get beaten up, robbed or stabbed, like many do in regular NYC public schools. Basically, it’s private school for smart kids without money. I guess that has nothing to do with this comic but I just had a few beers so I’m rambling.

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