Relief Effort

This week featured two Dustinlands, and this one was a MLK Day special. Of course, MLK would not approve of the violent solution carried out by his image, so I do apologize for that. And you know, I struggle with the idea of ever suggesting a violent solution to any problem, but sometimes you just want to voice your feelings in a provocative way. Oh, and in case you don’t know what I’m referring to in this strip, in the wake of the earthquake in Haiti, fat gasbag Rush Limbaugh said people shouldn’t donate money to the Red Cross via the Whitehouse website because Obama might steal it, or something to that effect. Additionally, rotting evil incarnate Pat Roberston suggested that Haiti deserved the earthquake because back in the day they made a deal with a devil to free their nation from France.

So you know, I mean, it does seem like these guys deserve to have their heads exploded. I guess morally that would be wrong, so I’ll just for the record say that I would not be happy if this actually occurred. But I would have to try to not be happy, if you know what I mean.

Lastly, I would like to thank Simon Bisley for teaching me to draw bloody gore via his illustrations in an awesomely violent comic called Lobo.

3 responses to “Relief Effort

  1. Yep, Haiti needs our money so that it can return to being the pillar of innovation, advancement, opportunity and equality it once was. Haiti must return to its Golden Age. Where’s Ray Nagin to weigh in to ensure it remains a “Chocolate Country”?

  2. Well said, Anonymous. Poor people should never be helped. In fact, why not just make it easier on everyone and just bomb the whole country out of existence. Then we won’t have to be pestered by their whining: “Oh help me, my child is trapped under a pile of rubble!”

  3. Hey anonimous, guessing you’re from the united states, you kind of already did that for afghanistan… and irak… and vietnan… and panama… and so on

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