Sniff The Hand That Feeds

Yup, sniffing your fingers is gross. There’s no way around it. In fact, there’s just something weird about sniffing in general. Go ask the next person you see to just sniff the air. It’s funny to watch. Trust me.


4 responses to “Sniff The Hand That Feeds

  1. classic. ::sniff:: I am usually guilty of this after eating something onion-y.

    Happy Hannukah, Merry Christmas!

  2. Haha… I can think of only two reasons a guy would sniff his fingers: 1) he just scratched his balls, 2) they have residual pussy smell

  3. As a side note, I hate the word ‘mom.’ People don’t understand that I don’t like kids even though I’m a woman, and I hope I never define myself by what slithers out of my vagina. I don’t think any kids are cute, they’re just annoying and if a parent brings their kid near me thinking I will pretend to like it like everyone else, they are wrong, and I will not refrain from correcting its misbehavior. I remember a couple of months in San Francisco, a kid ran into my fist, and a couple of weeks ago a kid hit me with it’s hula hoop. Mistake.

  4. Ran into your fist huh? Yeah, that’s what they all say.

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