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2000-2009: Worst Decade Ever

Okay, obviously it’s not the worst decade ever that we’re talking about in this Dustinland. I’m sure there were plenty of recent shitty decades. The 40s. The 30s. And that’s recently. I mean, I bet the 1860s weren’t so great. Or how about the 1270’s. I just pulled that one out of thin air but I bet it sucked. I bet people were eating dirt and kissing rats. Okay, I’m drunk right now. But still, this decade sucked, relatively speaking, in comparison to my short lifetime. But you know, I felt like leaving you all with some hope so I left it on a bright note, pointing out the better things and all our potential etc… blah blah.

Anyway, this is the last Dustinland of 2009 and the last one of this decade. Enjoy!

PS Sorry no Birdys. It took a long time researching this Dustinland and I also lost a few hours watching the Jets lose yesterday. But Merry Hanukamas.

Happy Hellidays!

Hey, check out these movie posters I shopped up for my buddies over at Moviefone. The feature is called “The 15 Most Inappropriate Movie Posters Redone for the Holidays.” It should really brighten up your holiday season.

Sniff The Hand That Feeds

Yup, sniffing your fingers is gross. There’s no way around it. In fact, there’s just something weird about sniffing in general. Go ask the next person you see to just sniff the air. It’s funny to watch. Trust me.


If you remember that Insane Clown Posse commercial I obsessed over in this Dustinland earlier this year, you’ll appreciate this SNL satire of it (I can’t figure out how to embed it because I is dumbs about da intranut.

Things My Parents Were Right About

Special thanks to all those Dustinland email subscribers who sent in your true stories about things your parents were right about for this week’s Dustinland! Don’t worry everyone else: if you’re not on the email list, you can still take part. Next time, I’ll be sure to post any requests for stories here as well, and in the RSS feed as well.

Anyway, I’m sure all the parents out there will love this one.