Persuasion 101

This week’s Dustinland is all about the fun world of advertising. Yes, I know: Dustin, you’re a ridiculous liberal. How can you work in advertising and help The Man lie to us about his evil products made by slaves in China? Well, that’s a good question. Unfortunately, that’s not the subject of this week’s comic.

This week we’re talking about some of the most basic tactics used to hawk products. From my creative experience, these are the ideas that either come to mind first because they’re easy, or that you fall back on in the end when you can’t find any other solutions (or because all your good ideas died in testing). Not to say that good advertising can’t result from these tactics. That would be like saying you can’t make a good movie that’s based around a love story, or a revenge plot. Some things just work, time and time again. Just because exaggerating a product’s benefit can be the easy way out, doesn’t mean it can’t be done in a smart way. I don’t know about the whole personification/anthropomorphism thing though. That just seems like a cop out. Or superheroes. That’s another one I forgot, but it’s not too far from personification. Either way you’re turning a problem into a bad guy or a solution into a hero — literally.

But yeah, I do advertising.


5 responses to “Persuasion 101

  1. Birdy this week… that’s Narc, isn’t it!

  2. “…treat your penis like a winning Lotto ticket.”

    I’m glad I work from home, because that’s going to have me laughing for the rest of the day.

  3. haha this reminds me of some scenes from Napoleon Dynamite, to paraphrase:

    “Vote for Pedro and all your wildest dreams will come true.”

    “He still wets the bed, and I’m taking care of him while his grandma is sick on the hospital. So… you still buying this 32 piece set?”

  4. “You’re busted!”

    Rampage, NARC, and Q*Bert. Classic.

  5. NARC ruled. I wonder how they got away with making such a bloody game back then. Maybe they figured that all they had to do was make drug dealers the bad guys and no squares would complain about them getting killed.

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