Sick Days

I was just sick for four days last week, and my experience was the inspiration for this week’s Dustinland. First it’s exciting β€” just the prospect of not being at work and being able to lie around the house and watch TV and futz around on the computer. But then once the real sickness hits you and you start to feel like shit, that’s when you realize that it kinda sucks being sick. And I didn’t even mention the really crappy part in the comic: being sick and still having to work from home. Because if work can suck at times, try doing the same work while you have a 100 degree fever. Good times.

And then as your illness drags on and you find yourself at home for longer than you expected, you start to get bored. Daytime TV sucks and there’s only so many movies most people can watch without getting itchy. By the time you start running out of tissues and medicine, you’re more than ready to get back to work.

Of course, once you return to work, ready and willing to get things done and interact with other people, you’re quickly brought back to Earth. Even though you were just puking, half the people in your office think you lied about the whole thing so you could get a few free vacation days. The people who do believe you don’t want to be in the same room with you, afraid they’ll catch whatever you have. And the rest of them didn’t even realize you were out. Welcome back! You were missed.


8 responses to “Sick Days

  1. first!!!!!1

  2. This was the best Dustinland ever!!

  3. Really? People still do first! these days?

  4. Second First!

  5. The remedy is simple: Sneeze on the people who don’t think you were sick.

  6. No one would second guess you if you called in “Chipotle” or “Quiznos.”

    How can people eat that shit?

    You: “Sorry boss, I ate Chipotle yesterday… yeah, I’ll probably be out 4 days from that.”

    Boss: “Ugh, Chipotle? You ATE that?? Take 5 days. Want me to send a medic to your apt?”

  7. third first!

  8. I actually want to strangle the “non-believer” in 5th panel.

    I hate it when people think you’re faking sick or look down on you for taking time off. Fuck them.

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