Birdy is now on Facebook

Check him out right here.

By the way, I had been telling him to do this for years but he would just respond “No.” Either that or he would throw an ax at me.

5 responses to “Birdy is now on Facebook

  1. I’d send him a friend request, but I’m afraid he’ll just say “No.”

    Or is that the plan? Is he there simply to turn down each and every friend request he gets?

  2. I think he’d befriend you, but he might not be the nicest friend afterward.

  3. I’m surprised Birdy doesn’t list “Bird is the Word” by the Trashmen under his favorite music.

    Have you heard about the bird?

  4. Check Birdy out on FACEBOOK?


  5. Birdyfan, I know what you’re thinking, but trust me, wherever Birdy goes, he’s still Birdy. Let’s just say he’s not updating his status to let people know he just ate a cupcake.

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