Town Hall of Shame

This week’s Dustinland (sorry I’m a day late – there were tech issues I couldn’t figure out without some help) is about the disaster that is the attempt to reform our healthcare system. See, Obama, you can’t be such a nice guy politician. This is what you get. Idiots on parade. You stand up there trying to explain complex facts. They stand up there and tell scary lies that are easy to understand. Instead of asking for what you really want and pushing hard to make it happen, you put out a middle of the road compromise, then let them neuter that until it’s even weaker. Don’t you get it? They won’t ever play nice. They hate you! The Republican party must cater to the small percentage of wackos in this country that still can’t get over having a black president, and they’ll hound you no matter what the issue. It’s all an excuse. Like that guy at the town hall screaming “I want the government out of my Medicare!” He doesn’t get it. He doesn’t care. He just is full of hate, and needs a direction to put it. Don’t worry about these losers. The real battle is… ah, blah blah blah. This country is fucked. Nothing will ever get done with such a bunch of spineless weasels in office. It’s pathetic. I’m voting for Kucinich from now on and that’s it.


2 responses to “Town Hall of Shame

  1. RIGHT ON!!!!!! As Usual! Nana

  2. Welcome to Camp Disappointment. The cookies are a little stale and all our t-shirts are 2 sizes too small… But here we are!

    Anyone else remember all the democrats mentioing a plan for universal healthcare during the few debates right after Sicko came out? Then they all slowly changed their plans… Except Kucinich. It’s just a shame no one in the media was getting paid to talk about him.

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