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Lil Wheezy

I grew up with asthma but I rarely ever have it these days. Maybe I’ll have to bust out an old inhaler that is clearly past its expiration date once or twice a year when I get a bad cold or if it’s a tough allergy season, but that’s about it. And that’s great, because it sure does suck to have asthma. Especially as a kid. You know, in this week’s Dustinland I exaggerated the treatment I received from bullies and the like — I never really got pushed around or anything because I had asthma. But there were comments made and there is a general impression people form of you when you have it. Even as an adult, as soon as you bust out that inhaler, it seems that people view you as weak, rather then feeling bad you were born with a pretty awful breathing condition. And when you’re a kid, that makes it all the worse. Not only do you feel terrible, but everyone around you thinks it’s a joke. Man, growing up can suck big time.

No Future For You

A buddy of mine calls me “Doomsday Dusty,” and I guess you can see why. But hey, at least I’m not the only one.

I think the most interesting part about this week’s Dustinland, if I may say so myself, is that there has always been a threat of doom looming over us, but the cause of that supposed threat was something bigger than the average person, from plague to nuclear war. Today, with future dangers stemming from environmental issues, we’re now told that the end may be near, not because World War III, but because when we throw out our toothbrushes, the plastic can leach into the water supply. Suddenly the most mundane everyday experiences are going to bring about the end of life as we know it. Talk about a situation to cause paranoia! We can’t just hope for our world leaders not to bomb each other. We have to figure out a way for billions of people to change the ways they live.

If I was an alien, I’d tell humans, “Good luck with that.” But I am human. So instead I worry, lie awake at night, and feel guilty for not knowing what I can do to stop it all.

Town Hall of Shame

This week’s Dustinland (sorry I’m a day late – there were tech issues I couldn’t figure out without some help) is about the disaster that is the attempt to reform our healthcare system. See, Obama, you can’t be such a nice guy politician. This is what you get. Idiots on parade. You stand up there trying to explain complex facts. They stand up there and tell scary lies that are easy to understand. Instead of asking for what you really want and pushing hard to make it happen, you put out a middle of the road compromise, then let them neuter that until it’s even weaker. Don’t you get it? They won’t ever play nice. They hate you! The Republican party must cater to the small percentage of wackos in this country that still can’t get over having a black president, and they’ll hound you no matter what the issue. It’s all an excuse. Like that guy at the town hall screaming “I want the government out of my Medicare!” He doesn’t get it. He doesn’t care. He just is full of hate, and needs a direction to put it. Don’t worry about these losers. The real battle is… ah, blah blah blah. This country is fucked. Nothing will ever get done with such a bunch of spineless weasels in office. It’s pathetic. I’m voting for Kucinich from now on and that’s it.

The Funniest Thing I Have Ever Seen On The Internet

This week’s update (not Dustinland) all started from a link I saw on Reddit. It was a link to the funniest video ever posted online — an infomercial for a music festival that just went down this weekend in Illinois. When I first clicked on it, I said to myself: There’s no way I’m going to watch 14 minutes of this. I’m going to tune out after the first 30 seconds. Well, not only did I watch the entire thing, but I have watched it many times, and sent it to many of my friends. Why? Because it’s amazing, as you can see if you spent the time to watch it and read along with my guide.

I figure most people won’t bother to go through the whole thing, but I just had to get it out of my system. And yes, I know Paste Magazine did something similar but I did not read their version and any similarities are due to like-minded thinking.

I really don’t know what else to say about this, aside from the fact that I could probably have created a 100-page comic on it, and that I wonder if I’ll get hatemail from their “insane” fans.

On another note, Birdy is terribly drawn this week, but only because it was so incredibly hot in my apartment that the paper was literally sticking to my hand as I drew, makgin it difficult and unpleasant to draw.

To Baby, Or Not To Baby

I think almost everyone goes through the discussion featured in this week’s Dustinland, although the conclusion is probably different most of the time. You know, it’s a tough one. I’m getting older, my friends are having kids, and I think about it a lot. It’s scary. I mean, talk about responsibility, talk about a life-altering event. Once you have kids, that’s it. No more joking around. You’ve got someone relying on you for everything, and a hangover is not very conducive to that.

But you know, they say you’re never really ready for a kid, so I guess at some point you just have to do it. A while ago, I was considering never doing it, but once I saw my friends making it work, I stopped being petrified of the idea and moved into just plain scared and stressed out, which is my normal state of mind, so that means I’m good to go. One of these days.

Not today though.

***Update — I guess the boob thing does well over at Reddit.