Rejected Nose Spray Ads

Regarding this Dustinland, I have to say, overall I’m not really a huge fan of nasal sprays, although I did once use this one with the ridiculous name of Nasaltron or something really clsoe to that, and it really did work wonders on my nose. I always imagined the nasal spray was really a Transformer but using it was definintely not that exciting. Although I would rather use a nasal spray continuously for three hours rather than sit through the new Transformers movie.

3 responses to “Rejected Nose Spray Ads

  1. Dude youre really dropping the ball here lately. #4 was good though.

  2. Johnson the Pirate

    That transformer movie sucked balls.

  3. Nasal spray works fine for me, except that the congestion comes back the next night even worse.

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