The Art of Fighting

Don’t get this week’s Dustinland wrong: I don’t really fight with my wife much but of course there are a lot of little things we rag on each other about. And it’s all fun and good when that happens, even if once in a while it gets a little serious. The problem lies when little arguments are constantly springing up in place of bigger ones. You see it in unhappy couples. Lots of little bickering about nothing, that comes out because they’re both trying to hide the real issues that are making them unhappy. Sometimes I think everyone can see it except for the people doing it. But that’s life — it’s so easy to see when other people are making mistakes, but so hard to notice it in yourself.

7 responses to “The Art of Fighting

  1. Bro, don’t even waste your time with chicks man. You know what I mean? Sheesh.

  2. Bitter Scribe

    In the wise words of Marge Simpson: “Marriage is a beautiful thing, but it’s also a constant struggle for moral superiority.”

  3. Really great comic, one of the best Dustinlands, and that’s saying a lot. So true to life.

  4. Those horizontal stripes do nothing for Ernie Birdy. What would be a tactful way to say that to him?

    “Hey, Ernie Birdy… your tan is looking really great lately, it makes your jawline look more defined… and speaking of your new look, wanna come shopping with me tomorrow?? I heard there’s a hot guy who works at the Big ‘n Tall shop near Sheridan Sq, we just have to stop in and meet him! And maybe while we’re there, um, uh, you could ask him to recommend some shirts for you, ya know, just to make it seem like you’re there to shop for clothes…”

  5. Johnson the Pirate


  6. It’s the subtleties I enjoy most, like the minority lover’s pit hair, and “old” Jen’s sagging boobs.

  7. I assume that whoever wrote that last comment knows me personally because I rarely ever use my wife’s name in my comics.
    But thanks!
    Also, good work Pirate Johnson.

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