Ho Blind

You know, Ho Blind? Like Snow Blind? Sheesh, tough crowd.

Seriously though, this week’s Dustinland is a topic I tackled a few years ago, but this time I think I got it right. I also realized I haven’t been touching on subjects of sex and love quite as much as I once did. That’s probably because I’m a long way from single these days, and that’s when you really start thinking about those things. I’ll see if I can dig up some more theories though, since it’s a great topic. The best really.


7 responses to “Ho Blind

  1. not the kind of pussy i was looking forward to. 😉

    what’s he using for bait there? hmmmm

  2. schriftstellerisch_itinerant

    sometimes I do wish men were blind, not just figuratively blinded.

  3. Ah, but then instead of looks, we’d just be obsessed with voices.

  4. I wanted the continuation of whiskers on the rocks 😛

  5. Well, the Whiskers on the Rocks thing was supposed to be a one-off. The last panel was sort of a joke – kinda like in Back To The Future: “Roads? Where we’re going, we don’t need roads.”
    Now that everyone seems to be enjoying it, it puts me in a tough spot. I could continue it, and it would be fun, but it is a certain kind of humor that I don’t think everyone gets. I think I would ultimately wind up alienating too many fans. Sure, I’d make new ones but I don’t know if I want to turn Dustinland into a comic about space cats.
    But maybe I will revisit it at some point just to mix things up.

  6. I like the way you draw lady’s boobs. Thanks you.

  7. You keep the good work Dustin, it’ll be fun to remember whiskers on the rocks in some time and say “shit, that strip was good, i didn’t remember” and then reading all your strips again 😛

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