Going Grey

This week’s Dustinland might surprise some people who know me in real life. Most people think I’m barely old enough to drive. However, I am definitely a grown up. I can’t even pretend not to be anymore. Now, my wife thinks she has found a grey hair or two on me. I think they are clearly blonde. You might read this week’s comic and assume that I realize they are actually grey but just want to believe they are blonde, but no, they are blonde. Blonde and beautiful. Hey, my beard hairs change color in the sun, why not my head hairs? Think about it.

And think about this: some people write “grey” and some people write “gray.” I think I even did it both ways in the comic. “Grey” is better though. More regal.


5 responses to “Going Grey

  1. Yeah, I get gray hairs too if it makes you feel better. (I’m younger than you.) You aren’t supposed to pull them out though. You cut them out with a scissor.

  2. I’m two years away from 30 and have more gray hairs than I’d like. They’re mostly work-induced. Mostly from having to work with pathological Asians.

    I love Alec Baldwin now more than ever, but who would want a filthy pino, really?

  3. Bitter Scribe

    I like my barber, except for one thing: Terrible sanitation. After every haircut, I look down at the bib and it’s covered with gray hair that must have been left there by the previous customer.

  4. Vay güzel paylaşım adamım tşkler…

  5. Hey Ben, is that because it’s really true that if you pull out a gray hair, two more take it’s place?

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