Get The Point aka Girls With Pointy Shoes

Oh man, I can feel the hate mail brewing on this one. But come on ladies, can’t you just take a joke? And anyway, my wife came up with the theory behind the comic, so it’s not like it’s a chauvinist thing. Plus, I’m sure it’s not 100% true. Maybe, like, 95%? Either way, even if it was 99.9% true, I am pretty sure that you, if you are a lady who wears pointy shoes, are the one exception to the rule, for why else would you be reading Dustinland?


4 responses to “Get The Point aka Girls With Pointy Shoes

  1. I agree with Mrs Dustin. Pointy shoes are worn by horrible people.

    nyah!! :p

  2. Yes. Mrs. Dustin is “on point.”

    The pointy shoe thing dates back to at least 2003, so there’s that history behind it too. See also “witch shoes.”

  3. The loudness of shoe heels on pavement is another sign of a bitch – the louder the heel stomping noise, the bitchier the woman.

    (wooden heels + stomping + talking loudly on a cellphone just to draw attention to oneself + blowing secondhand smoke from nasty filth mouth into other people’s faces) x 50 = typical NYC woman + why I love L.A.

  4. Anonymous Female

    You speak the truth, Dustin.

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