Lucky Class of 2000

I know what some people are going to say in response to this comic. I know that other generations have had to deal with worse. WWII. Vietnam. Fear of nuclear war. Etc… I know that most of the planet would gladly trade places with even what is considered a lower class American. I know that relatively speaking, we have it good here. But that’s not what this strip is about. You can always play the relative game. This strip is about the fact that my generation is paying for the screw ups of previous generations. I guess that’s how it always goes, but, man, it doesn’t make it any better for us younger people. We’re supposed to be in the primes of our lives right now. Instead, we’re all just happy to have jobs — at least, those of us who still have them and haven’t had to move back home with mom and dad. And speaking of, I feel real bad for kids graduating now. Good luck getting jobs. Man, that’s gotta suck.


2 responses to “Lucky Class of 2000

  1. well, at least there’s still one job that seems to be in demand – Craigslist internet hooker.

  2. ooohhh….

    tomorrow is Free Comic Book Day, but it’s always free comic day on 🙂

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