Constellation Consternation

I was on a camping trip about a month ago when I thought up the idea for this strip. I don’t really know any constellations besides the big dipper and Orion, but I just kind of assumed they didn’t make any sense. And once I got home and jumped online, I found out I was right. I mean, I guess a lot of these are real old, so back when people didn’t have any TV or even lights, they probably looked up at the stars A LOT — so much so that they could turn a few dots into a crab.


2 responses to “Constellation Consternation

  1. “We are all in the gutter, but some of us are looking at the stars.”

    – Oscar Wilde

  2. I make constellations from people’s acne scars and pock marks.

    Like when someone sits next to you in a meeting and makes insincere small talk with you in an attempt to feign civility and respect just to put on a show for other meeting attendees, you can stare at their acne ravaged skin and eventually see Orion.

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