Men and Womyn

I wonder how people will take this strip. I’m up in the air on the matter myself. I mean, yes, it is true – by calling someone a pussy, you’re basically calling them a woman. That’s the essence of the insult. So I could see how women would be pissed off about it. On the otherhand, it’s just a piece of slang at this point. Most people using it don’t even think about what they’re saying. It’s just in your mind: pussy is a metaphor for wuss. So sure, you can really look into and say it’s chauvanistic, and it would be hard to argue against that, but at the same time, you can also say it’s a word that has, for the most part, been so adpoted into everyday language that it has lost its true meaning.

This reminds me of another Dustinland strip, the one about saying: “that’s so gay.”

***Note – the strip hit No. 1 on Reddit’s comic page this week.


5 responses to “Men and Womyn

  1. I know what you mean. But the whole argument on the women’s side is also invalid, since having a vagina is not the defining feature of womanhood. In fact, genitals have absolutely nothing to go with gender, as most transgenders will point out.

    Technically, calling someone a pussy could mean that they are smelly and wet, I suppose =D

    Ill stop here before I start getting way too politically correct talking about slang words.

  2. Yeah, it doesn’t matter to me anymore because it’s more colloquialism than anything.
    Fuck you – doesn’t actually mean fuck you. Usually fucking is a good thing which makes it less of an insult so the lingo is pretty much meaningly.
    Same with when you call something gay (a toaster can’t be homosexual) or someone a pussy.
    They’re jargon. They’ll be gone in a hundred years. Who cares.

  3. “Wimp” doesn’t solve the problem…from the OED
    A woman or girl.
    ‘Wimp was also used as a verb at Oxford c. 1917, e.g. to go wimping’ (M. Marples, University Slang (1950), p. 98).
    1923 J. MANCHON Le Slang 338 Wimp, femme, fille, donzelle. 1937 PARTRIDGE Dict. Slang 959/1 Wimp, a (young) woman, a girl: from ca. 1920. 1940 [see Skinny Liz s.v. SKINNY a. 6].
    which is likely related to a “wimple,” a silk cloth of some sort worn by women.

    I’m not proud that I know this.

  4. ok, there should be only one Jim. Just a disclaimer, the above Jim is not the historic Jim.

  5. Bitches, man.

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