If People Acted Like Cats

This week’s Dustinland is something you might not appreciate unless you have ever owned a cat. Sure, most of you will be familiar with these cat behaviors, but you I think you really must own a kitty to understand what it’s like to have something to cute and cuddly push against your chest as hard as possible just to avoid your loving touch, as if you were a monster made of poop. Maybe having kids does the trick. You know, kids get to that age where a hug and a kiss from a parent is like a handshake from a leper. But yeah, cats. They do stuff.

In other news, I’ll be on vacation until the 1st, so this Friday strip here counts for next week. As for the next update, you’re looking at Wed., April 1st. And Birdy, well, he’s on vacation too, and I can’t speak for him as to when he’ll be back. Soon, I hope.


6 responses to “If People Acted Like Cats

  1. haha….

    house cats are the mongoloids of the feline world.

  2. Mongoloid, he was a mongoloid
    Happier than you and me

  3. lol, I have recently got a kitty and it does exactly that, luckily it doesn’t bite hard.

  4. I’ll have to pull some cat moves on the NYC subway. I’m always having to do stuff on rush hour trains to avoid some guy’s “loving touch.”

    Funny comic, tho. I have the urge to lay face down on the floor with a bag over my head now. *sigh*

  5. Glad my cats don’t bite.

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