Thanks A Lot Hitler

Not too much to say about this week’s Dustinland, although I will admit, I think it’s a pretty unique take on Hitler. Sure, everyone knows Hitler was an asshole. But has anyone ever really gone after him over the issue of facial hair? Probably, but I never heard or read anything on the subject, so it’s still an original idea to me at least. It’s like if I was born in a closet and never allowed to leave, and while I was in there I invented baseball. That still counts as inventing baseball, even though nobody else would give me credit for it. And that folks, is how you connect baseball with Hitler.


3 responses to “Thanks A Lot Hitler

  1. I wore a mustache for about 20 years. I used to have this recurring…”nightmare” is too strong a word, but it was a distinctly weird dream about trying to trim it and botching the job.

    First I would trim one side, then the other. But I would trim the second side too short, so I would try to trim the first side to match it. But I would trim that too short, so I’d go back to the second side, and so on, back and forth, until I was left with nothing but a Hitleresque toothbrush under my nose.

    Well, as Dustin’s comic makes clear, a man can’t walk around with something like that on his lip, so I’d end up having to shave off the whole thing.

    My dream ended when I walked out of the bathroom, newly clean-shaven, and replied to my wife’s amazed look: “What? I meant to do that!”

  2. Kinda of reminds me of Clerks 2 where Randall tries to take back “Porch Monkey”.

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