Going Gluten-Free

I probably said all I could say about the subject already in this week’s Dustinland, but in case you didn’t get the point from all that: boy oh boy, does going gluten-free suck. I mean, I can’t say it firsthand, but I can see what it does to someone everyday. Sure, you can live, and in the grand scheme of things, it’s not so bad. Basically, when you go out to eat, just don’t have bread or pasta. That still leaves plenty of good food – meat, chicken, pork, fish, rice, potatoes, fruits and vegetables – all that stuff is still on the table. So it’s almost like being forced to go on a low-card diet. The beer and dessert parts suck the most though. Sometimes you just want a cookie. Or a Guiness. There are plenty of alternatives but they’re usually not accessible if you’re out and about. I will say though, Budweiser makes this gluten-free beer called Red Bridge or something like that and it’s way better than regular Bud, which isn’t a challenge, but still.


5 responses to “Going Gluten-Free

  1. hey, some guy I know has a sister who imports gluten-free food from Norway, check it out:


  2. That’s quite a depressing address there. But the wife still says “Thanks Jim.”

  3. It’s not so bad. After a while you adjust… there are still restaurants with edible food, there’s delicious wine and homemade gf brownies and breads… but the best part is not dying a horrible slow death… 😉 You guys should start cooking, it will open up your gf world immensely.

  4. You know what I hate about eating out gluten free? Having to nit pick about every little thing at a restaurant just to get a meal that doesn’t make me sick. Like you have to ask how they cook it and what seasonings they use and if the pan is clean and on and on. I hate being “that” person at a restaurant and now I have to be “that” person at the restaurant.

    And I can’t eat rice, either, so the only cookies on the planet I can eat come from Germany and cost $5 for a box of 10. Gah! Why does God hate me?

    On the bright side, I make a killer GF chocolate cake and M&M’s are GF. I eat way too many of those.

  5. My wife has Celiac so we’ve been eating gluten-free for a few years now and it really is not that bad… once you get adjusted to it. You’ll find that GF versions of pretty much everything (notable exceptions being artisan-style bread and New York pizza) and in many cases the GF versions are better than the traditional recipes.

    Also, being in NYC also means that you have many really good GF restaurants in your general vicinity. Some of our favorites are:

    Best of luck adjusting; just remember that is does get easier and it can actually be fun to search out little-known GF shops.

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