Monthly Archives: February 2009

Thanks A Lot Hitler

Not too much to say about this week’s Dustinland, although I will admit, I think it’s a pretty unique take on Hitler. Sure, everyone knows Hitler was an asshole. But has anyone ever really gone after him over the issue of facial hair? Probably, but I never heard or read anything on the subject, so it’s still an original idea to me at least. It’s like if I was born in a closet and never allowed to leave, and while I was in there I invented baseball. That still counts as inventing baseball, even though nobody else would give me credit for it. And that folks, is how you connect baseball with Hitler.

Forgotten Toys and Cartoons of the 80s

This week’s Dustinland is probably not very female friendly, but who knows — there may be some girls out there who had a few Battle Beasts. Now, I’m not really into the whole “I love the 80s” thing, but I did grow up then, and I just wanted to shed some light on a few of the things I remember from childhood that go beyond Transformers and Care Bears. This strip isn’t the funniest thing I’ve ever done, but I think that if it reminds you of something you once loved, it did its job. Some people might think this sounds trivial, but even the cheapest, silliest toy could have meant a lot to you when you were 7 years old. Hell, I still remember this glow in the dark rubber lizard I used to love when I was really little. Back then I liked anything that was either glow in the dark or battery operated. I had this Hess truck that lit up — sweet. Without the lights, who cares. With the lights — awesome. I had a ray gun that ran on 9-volt batteries and lit up and made a sound equivalent to that of a car alarm. Loved it. Simple pleasures. It probably cost $3. Now fun toys cost a lot more. If I want something fun I have to dish out a grand at Best Buy. Yay. But yeah, to sum up, Silverhawks was cool.

Put A Ring On This

This song has annoyed me for far too long. That is all I have to say. Oh, and if you live in a cave and are unaware of this song, you will not get this comic, but you are far better off in the long run.

*To those who don’t know: this week’s Dustinland is an illustrated version of the lyrics of the song “Single Ladies (Put A Ring On It)” by Beyoncé.

**If anyone complains that the lyrics are wrong, I got them off one of the nine billion cheap lyrics sites that litter the web so don’t blame me.

Going Gluten-Free

I probably said all I could say about the subject already in this week’s Dustinland, but in case you didn’t get the point from all that: boy oh boy, does going gluten-free suck. I mean, I can’t say it firsthand, but I can see what it does to someone everyday. Sure, you can live, and in the grand scheme of things, it’s not so bad. Basically, when you go out to eat, just don’t have bread or pasta. That still leaves plenty of good food – meat, chicken, pork, fish, rice, potatoes, fruits and vegetables – all that stuff is still on the table. So it’s almost like being forced to go on a low-card diet. The beer and dessert parts suck the most though. Sometimes you just want a cookie. Or a Guiness. There are plenty of alternatives but they’re usually not accessible if you’re out and about. I will say though, Budweiser makes this gluten-free beer called Red Bridge or something like that and it’s way better than regular Bud, which isn’t a challenge, but still.