Daily Archives: January 26, 2009

The Basset Hound

This week’s Dustinland really is a true story, although I didn’t draw the people the way they look in real life because I got a bit confused while I was drawing it, drew the wrong couple, and then it was too late to redraw the whole thing because I’m lazy and you don’t care. But man, imagine after the third sock came out. It must have just been ridiculous. And after five? You’d think it would never end. You’d think a pair of pants are coming out next. Either that or you could start your own sock factory. Brown socks mostly, I assume, but still, a dog that magically makes socks would be a good find, especially in these hard times.

One thing I left out of the comic is the dog’s reasoning. After consulting with the storytellers, they reminded me that the dog was very angry with them for not letting him sleep in bed with them, and that they assume he then went and ate the socks as revenge. Of course the dog didn’t realize his revenge would backfire, since he is a dog, and even though dogs are smart, they are also dumb. But nice to pet.